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End of Season Presentation Evening Photos - 30th May 2018


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The Best Round of the 'Knocked Out United' paper

More whisky and wine for the Megson alcohol stash


The Dave Barras 'Superbia in Quaestiones' award ('Question of the Season')

Roisin nicks the QotS award on behalf of the The Charabancs for their 'LSD trip' question


The WIST Champions Cup

"It is only 12 inches high, it's solid tinplate, and it undeniably means Dunkin' Dönitz are the champions of all South Manchester and Stockport!" - David collects the WIST Champions Cup


The WithQuiz Plate

'Overcoming their handicap' - Barry sweeps up the Plate for the Dunkers


The Val Draper Cup

John cops the Val Draper Cup on behalf of the Prodigals


The Father Megson's 'Sour Ol' Cleric' award

'A whole bottle's better than a cup any day!' - Gary takes the 'propping up the rest' trophy for The Electric Pigs


The WithQuiz League Champions Shield

Once more the top trophy goes to Kieran and the Dunkin' Dönitz team who just pipped the Shrimps by a whisker in the final thrilling match of an exhilarating league season


The Bards of Didsbury - Tony and Jim welcome new recruit John Hegarty and his wife


Compulsory Mantis Shrimp - Tom and Rachael who oh so nearly won their first WithQuiz league title - surely next season.....


Dunkin' Dönitz - the cats that got the cream


Ethel Rodin - busy carving out a fine victory in the evening's quiz


The History Men - Ivor, David and Tim contemplate making history next season


The Prodigals (Stella, John, Kate and Jimmy) - some of whom know the answers and some of whom know where the camera is


Our Guest Setter - "Who? Me?" - James takes some wonderful whisky for his quality quiz


Our Guest Presenter - Lucy Powell rocks the House