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QUESTION PAPER - 11th October 2017

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WithQuiz League paper   11/10/17

Set by: The Charabancs of Fire

QotW: R7&8/Q4

Average Aggregate Score:     79.8

(Season's Ave. Agg. to-date: 86.3)

"The stats show that it was a very well-balanced paper with only four unanswered questions and a combined score of 80."

"Most of you seemed to enjoy the craft that went into the Bingo rounds at the end of the evening.  Not just well-judged questions but plenty of quirky information on the side that delighted all."


ROUND 1 - 'A Poptastic Start'

All answers are titles of songs that contain at least one man’s name (i.e. forename). Some questions are clues to the song, most are just lyrics. Only the song name is required but songwriters are provided with the answers if not obvious.


“His mother told him 'Someday you will be a man /And you will be the leader of a big ol’ band'”

Johnny B Goode

(Chuck Berry)


“When you smile /And when you walk /Across the room /You make my heart go /Boom boom boom”

Jackie Wilson Said

(Van Morrison)


Who according to Pink Floyd had a strange habit “Collecting clothes /Moonshine washing line / They suit him fine”?

Arnold Layne


Sister Sledge waited for this guy to remember them in a hit of 1985.


(Denise Eisenberg Rich)


This song by the punk band The Adverts reached No. 18 in the charts in 1977.  It's about a patient waking up to discover he'd had a transplant from an infamous murderer.

Gary Gilmour's Eyes


“Shadows on the hills /Sketch the trees and the daffodils /Catch the breeze and the winter chills”


(Don McLean)


“It’s against the law /It was against the law /What the mama saw /It was against the law”

Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

(Paul Simon)


“Look he’s crawling up my wall /Black and hairy, very small”

Boris the Spider

(John Entwistle of The Who)


“Oh, he freed a lot of people/ but it seems the good die young, yeah/ I just looked around and he was gone”

Abraham, Martin and John (Dick Holler)

ROUND 2 - Pairs


In which city was the mathematician and physicist Archimedes born in 287BC, dying in the same city in 212BC?



With which school of philosophy is Diogenes (412-323BC) most commonly associated?



Which classical composer, born 1732, died 1809, is known as the 'Father of the Symphony' and 'Father of the String Quartet'?

(Franz) Joseph Haydn


When the highly regarded English organist and composer Edwin Henry Lemare died in 1934 his death was overshadowed by the death in that year of three major English composers.  Name any two.

(two from) (Edward) Elgar, (Frederick) Delius, (Gustav) Holst


The Italian snack arancini is a deep fried ball consisting mainly of which ingredient?


(accept risotto)


If you were to order an Italian cannoli with your coffee, with what specifically would you expect it to be filled?

Ricotta cheese

(specific variety of cheese required)


Who captained the All Blacks Rugby Union team against the British and Irish Lions during the 2017 tour to New Zealand?

Kieran Read


Who captained the South African Test Cricket team which toured England in 2017?

Faf du Plessis

(not AB De Villiers who was the ODI and T20 captain)


In which fictitious Sicilan town is the Inspector Montalbano TV series set?


ROUND 3 - 'Your Five a Day Round'

Each answer references a fruit, vegetable or salad plant - the odd sound-alike may pop up


This 1987 comic and satirical play by Peter Shaffer is centred around a flamboyant tour guide who loves to embellish the history behind an English country house but butts heads against a fact-conscious official.  One half of the title resembles a plant of the daisy family with the Latin name 'Lactuca Sativa' that is often grown as a leaf vegetable.

Lettice and Lovage


The earliest known usage of this phrase is usually credited to writer Edward S Martin who wrote in 1909 that “Kansas is apt to see in New York a greedy city.  It inclines to think that --- --- ----- gets a disproportionate share of the national sap!”  What is the missing 3-word phrase that he originated and popularised?

The Big Apple

(popular term for New York City)


The Wilhelmus is the name of the anthem of this European ruling house and also of the country over which it reigns.  Name the European ruling house.

House of Orange

(ruling family of the Netherlands)


This particular tennis shot is usually hit from the baseline and looks as if it is about to land wide of the line but curves at the last moment to land in.  Rafael Nadal is a particularly skilful exponent of this type of shot.  What is its popular name?

Banana Shot

(because the curve it makes resembles that of a possibly non-EU compliant banana)


This 1904 novel written by US author, O Henry is set in a fictitious Central American country called the Republic of Anchuria.  What is its title, taken from a phrase in a famous poem by Lewis Carroll?

Cabbages and Kings

(from The Walrus and the Carpenter)


Based on a 1987 novel by Fannie Flagg and later made into a comedy-drama film in 1991 starring Kathy Bates and Jessica Tandy, what was on the menu at the Whistle Stop Cafe that formed the title of the film?  (full name required)

Fried Green Tomatoes


Born Mariann Karlsson in Sweden in 1964, this singer-songwriter, rapper, occasional DJ and broadcaster produced albums by the name of Raw Like Sushi, Homebrew, Man and, most recently, Blank Project.  How is she known?

Neneh Cherry


Which historic area of east London, now situated in the borough of Tower Hamlets, is part of a constituency represented in parliament since 1997 by Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick?


(part of the constituency of Poplar and Limehouse)


Complete the final 4-word line from this 1842 poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson which is also the title of the poem:

“Out flew the web and floated wide / the mirror crack'd from side to side / 'The curse is come upon me,' cried /  ...................”


The Lady of Shalott


Accidentally created in 1881 by an American horticulturist, this hybrid of a blackberry and a raspberry was later named after him.  What is it called?


(named after James Harvey Logan)

ROUND 4 - Connections


Which surname connects the following people: an American playwright whose works have been made into films, a footballer who became the captain of Wales in 2012, an American rapper and record producer?


(Tennessee, Ashley and Pharrel)


What connects the following people: Frances Hodgson Burnett, Louisa May Alcott, Charles Dickens and Antoine de St Exupery?

All wrote 'Little' works

(Lord Fauntleroy, Women, Dorrit and Prince)


What connects the following: Honey, Brodie, Krabappel and Lupin?

They were all fictional schoolteachers


Which actor connects the following films: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, L.A. Confidential and Memento?

Guy Pearce


Which actor connects the following films: Beetlejuice, Toy Story 3 and Spotlight?

Michael Keaton


What connects the following: Cole, Brannigan, Gently and Ramotse?

They were all private investigators in fiction


What connects the following: The Glass Blowers, A Place of Greater Safety, Scaramouche and The Scarlet Pimpernel?

They were all set in The French Revolution


What surname connects the following three people: an author played on film by Daniel Day Lewis, a hotel associated with Dylan Thomas, and the first woman to take part in the Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race?



What are the following all types of: Spinners, Fountains, Snaps and Cakes?


ROUND 5 - Pot Pourri Pairs


The Hilina Slump, a huge tract of land on the southern flank of one of this Pacific island's largest volcanoes, is slowly breaking away and sliding towards the sea.  Some geologists think it may one day collapse all at once and generate a massive tsunami which would devastate the west coast of America.  On which Pacific island is it located?


(the volcano is called Kilauea)


The Cumbre Vieja, is a dormant volcano on this Atlantic island whose western flank is slowly breaking away and sliding towards the sea.  Some geologists think it may one day collapse all at once and generate a massive tsunami which would devastate the east coast of America.  On which Atlantic island is it located?

La Palma

(one of the Canary Islands)


One hundred years ago this year, which European dynasty, which had reigned for over 300 years, came to an end with the abdication of its last monarch on 15 March 1917?

The Romanovs

(its last monarch was Nicholas II of Russia)


One hundred years ago this year, which European dynasty came into being with a proclamation by its first monarch on 17 July 1917 - and is still reigning to this day?

The House of Windsor

(its first monarch was George V of Great Britain and Ireland who had reigned previously as a monarch of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha)


Chosen to open the 2017 Toronto film festival this recently released film focuses on the rivalry between two famous tennis stars of the 1980s.  What is the title of the film?


(accept Borg vs McEnroe)


What recently released comedy-drama film focuses on the relationship between a famous British person and a foreign servant?

Victoria and Abdul


John Quincy Adams and Donald Trump are, so far, the only 2 presidents in American history to share what particular aspect of their domestic lives?

They had/have foreign-born wives

(British-born Louisa Johnson and Slovenian-born Melania Knauss)


In this trio of aspiring American female politicians, what did Geraldine Ferraro do that Victoria Woodhull and Hillary Clinton didn't?

She stood for Vice-President rather than President

(in 1984 with Walter Mondale standing for President)


At the time of her accession, Queen Victoria was an exception among female British monarchs.  In what way?

She was the only one who was not the daughter of a British king

(her father being Edward, Duke of Kent)


Queen Victoria achieved a unique distinction among female British monarchs after her death.  What was it?

She was the only one to have given birth to a British king

(i.e. her successor, Edward VII)

ROUND 6 - Hidden theme

The theme may be revealed following the spare question


Which fictional event was illustrated by Sir John Tenniel and depicted the main protagonist reciting the nonsense poem Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat?

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party


What is the premier international team competition in women's tennis, first launched in 1963?

The Fed(eration) Cup


What is the name of the stratum of ionised gas occurring between roughly 90-150 km (56-93 miles) above the ground which reflects medium-frequency radio waves?  Because of this reflection, radio waves can be propagated beyond the horizon.

The (Kennelly–) Heaviside Layer


In sailing parlance what can be described as a type of large jib or staysail that overlaps the main sail, sometimes eliminating it?

A Genoa sail


Which three part TV crime drama based on the Roth Trilogy of novels by Andrew Taylor was first broadcast in 2007 and starred Emilia Fox and Charles Dance?

Fallen Angel


Which 1967 novel by Joan Lindsay, considered one of the most important Australian novels of all time, has been adapted across numerous media, most famously in the 1975 critically acclaimed film of the same name by director Peter Weir?

Picnic at Hanging Rock


Originally conceived in 1889 as a railway, this road, on which construction began in 1925, still has an unfinished section of 160km known as the Darien Gap.  How is it known today?

The Pan-American Highway


Drosophila melanogaster is a common pest at this time of year.  How is it commonly known?

The fruit fly


Who is remembered by historians for his fabrication of the 'Popish Plot' in 1678, and by race-goers for a 1969 winner?

Titus Oates

Theme: Each answer contains a variety of cake (sweet or savoury)

ROUND 7 & 8 - 'English Town Bingo'

In a vile and base attempt to curry favour with the Sassenach ruling classes Father Megson has decreed that each answer shall be (or shall contain) the name of an English town


According to John Betjeman, Miss J Hunter Dunn was “furnished and burnished” by what?

“Aldershot sun”


Along with the Spen valley what town appears in the name of the constituency that was represented by Labour MP Jo Cox before her murder in June 2016?



On its opening in 1931 Sir Malcolm McAlpine declared which hotel to be “bomb-proof, earthquake-proof and fire-proof”?  It was considered to be safest place to be in London during the blitz.  Guests who felt that its communal air-raid shelter was a bit common were invited to repair to the specially fortified underground gymnasium and Turkish-baths.

The Dorchester


Which town stands today on the site of the place referred to in the writings of the Venerable Bede as “the place where the stags come to drink”?



In what town would you find the Oasis leisure centre?  In 1991 Liam Gallagher lifted the name from an Inspiral Carpets tour poster and used it as the new name for his band.  If, like Fr Megson, you find Diana Dors more alluring than the Gallagher brothers, you may know that she was born here as well.



What is the surname of the narrator in Joseph Conrad's novella Heart of Darkness?



In which small Shropshire town did Dr William Penny Brookes institute a series of games “for the promotion of moral, physical and intellectual improvement” which inspired the founding of the modern Olympic Games?

Much Wenlock


Of which Labour politician did Winston Churchill say the following: “He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire”?

Stafford Cripps


On a street called Westgate in which town would you find a giant metallic feather (considered an eyesore by many of the locals) marking the spot that is reckoned to have been the exact centre of the medieval Sherwood Forest?



With a population in excess of 232,000 which English town is the largest settlement in the UK without city status?  Already this century it has bid three times for such status but has been unsuccessful on each occasion.



HG Wells set War of the Worlds in which town?  His Martians landed on nearby Horsell Common.  Paul Weller was born here and got his own back by writing his song A Town Called Malice.



Which administrator and statesman's brainchild was the Zoological Society of London which led to the opening of the world's first scientific zoo in 1828, subsequently opened to the public in 1847?  (full name required)

Sir Stamford Raffles


What popular sporting venue lies at the foot of Cleeve Hill which is the highest point in the Cotswolds?

Cheltenham Racecourse


Which game show, based on a format that originated in the Netherlands, ran on British TV from 2005 until 2016? It is still popular in many countries including South Korea where it is called Yes or No.

Deal or No Deal


Which town has a pillar which was erected in honour of Lord Nelson in 1819, more than two decades before his column was erected in London?  Later the town suffered extensive damage during World War 2 largely because it was the last significant place German planes could drop bombs on before returning home.

Great Yarmouth


The largely medieval St Mary and All Saints is the remarkable Anglican parish church of which town?  It appears in part on the crest of the town's football club.


(of crooked spire fame)


What is the name of the crotch-busting Superintendent, Freemason and unlikely sex symbol played by Adrian Dunbar in the BBC police corruption drama Line of Duty?

(Ted) Hastings


Early in 1977 who did Sid Vicious replace as bassist in The Sex Pistols?

Glen Matlock


Which is the only football club from Worcestershire ever to have played in the English Football League?  They did so from 2000 until 2005.

Kidderminster Harriers


Though originally manufactured in Windsor what aspirational appliance for the British middle class businessman shares its name with a town in Northamptonshire?  Alan Partridge once spent an afternoon dismantling one in his hotel room in a fit of bored desperation.

 A Corby trouser press

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