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QUESTION PAPER - 8th November 2017

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WIST Cups - Quarter Finals   08/11/17

Set by: The WithQuiz League (Gerry Collins)

QotW: R6/Q5

Average Aggregate Score: 98.3

"An entertaining and thoughtful paper compiled by Gerry.  Plenty of erudition and not a little whimsy."

"We thought it was an absolute gem of a paper - hats off to Gerry."

ROUND 1 - Stockport format - Oral


Potsdam is the capital city of which German state?



Originally used in the theatre and now also in films and TV what, in simple terms, is meant by the phrase 'Breaking the fourth wall'?

The actor acknowledges the existence of the audience


Peter Mark Roget was the first secretary of which independent subscription library in Manchester?  He began writing his Thesaurus there in 1805.

The Portico Librar


What is the only country to have hosted the modern summer Olympic Games and not won a single gold medal?


(in 1976)


Since 2001 who sits alone on a bench in Sackville Park near UMIST in the centre of Manchester?  He is cast in bronze and is eating an apple.  He was born in 1912.

Alan Turing


Who was the USA president in office when the battle of the Little Bighorn took place in June 1876?

(Ulysses S) Grant.


Which card game, introduced to the USA in 1948 as 'Argentine Rummy' was actually devised in Uruguay and has since reverted back to its original name which is Spanish for 'Little Basket'?



What is Jose Mourinho's native city?



What Latin word for bark or rind is used to describe the outer region of an organ or structure especially with reference to the brain?



What is the only British city that is designated in its entirety as a UNESCO World Heritage site?



The White House is the official name given to the workplace of the Prime Minister of which country?



What word (apart from 'dead') connects the politician Harold MacMillan and the writer Hunter S Thompson?


(Earl of Stockton and middle name)


Who was the British Chancellor of the Exchequer when the Northern Rock Bank was nationalised in February 2008?

Alistair Darling


Known for its left wing politics and structured as a cooperative which independent record label was founded by Geoff Travis in Ladbroke Grove, London in 1978?

Rough Trade


Following a defeat in 1651 who was pursued over ten English counties by his enemies before finally escaping overseas?  An enormous reward of £1,000 was promised for his arrest and he was described on posters - with perhaps some exaggeration - as "a tall black man over two yards high".

King Charles II (the second)


Rennes is the main city of which French region?



Derived from Aristotle, name any two of the three classical unities that must be followed when writing a piece of conventional drama.

(any two of ) Unity of Time, Unity of Place, Unity of Action


Notable members of the Portico Library include John Dalton, The Rev William Gaskell, Sir Rbert Peel and, more recently, which former international footballer who joined in the 1990s?

Eric Cantona


After Tokyo in 1964, what was the next city not beginning with the letter 'M' to host the summer Olympic Games?

Los Angeles

(in 1984)


Born in 1959, whose name is missing from this memorial inscription on a bench in Soho Square, London:

"One day I'll be waiting there / No empty bench in Soho Square."

Though the lyrics come from what is perhaps not her most memorable song it is still a fitting tribute to this talented singer/songwriter.

Kirsty Mc Coll


Who was the USA president in office when the massacre at Wounded Knee took place in December 1890?

(Benjamin) Harrison


The name of which children's toy was originally a 16th century expression for a man not to be trusted, a cardsharp or a swindler?



In which city did Jock Stein die?


(at Ninian Park after watching Scotland and Wales draw)


Used today in various contexts, what word, meaning 'womb' in Latin, is defined as something that constitutes the place or point from which something else originates or develops?



In 2009 which German city lost its UNESCO World Heritage site status as a result of a four lane bridge being built over the river close to the historical centre famous for its baroque buildings and art?



Standing at the eastern end of the Plaza de Mayo, La Casa Rosada (The Pink House) is the home and executive palace of which country's president?



Add the letter 'S' to the end of an American state capital to give the name of Alexander the Great's mother.


(Olympia is state capital of Washington state)


Which company bought Northern Rock back from the government in 2011?  It dropped the Northern Rock name and began trading under its own name on January 1st 2012.

Virgin Money


When Britain's first Independent Albums chart was published in 1980 Dirk Wears White Sox was number one. Whose debut album was it?

Adam and the Ants


Starting life as a jig with Irish roots and later set to the tune of an old English satirical ballad, which song became so popular during the so-called Glorious Revolution that it was said to have "sung James II out of three kingdoms"?



What nationality is the playwright and novelist Athol Fugard?

South African


In which present day country was the American artist Mark Rothko born?


ROUND 2 - Stockport format - Written


The river Nervion flows through the centre of which city on its way to the Cantabrian sea?



Before Marin Cilic in 2017 who was the last Wimbledon Singles finalist (male or female) to have had a palindromic surname?

Monica Seles


When the Old Age Pensions Act came into being in January 1909 how much did a single pensioner over the age of 70, who met the qualifying requirements, receive per week?

5 shillings

(60 new pence)


The lunar mineral armalcolite is named after who or what?

The crew of Apollo 11

(ARMstrong, ALdrin and COLlins)


If Darlington is eleven times greater than Liverpool, which British city can fit into Manchester 250 times?


(using their post codes as Roman numerals - 'L' x 11 = 'DL'; 'IV' x 250 = 'M' )


When England hosted the 1966 FIFA World Cup two London venues were used.  One was Wembley, what was the other?

The White City Stadium


What one word connects Amber Rudd with a conspiracy to kill King Charles the Second and his brother James, Duke of York?


(MP for Hastings and Rye and the Rye House plot)


The name of which African country is the ancient Greek word for the Red Sea?



Which English villain has been played variously in film and on TV by Melville Cooper, Alan Wheatley, Alan Rickman, Keith Allen and a large anthropomorphic grey wolf with a thick Alabama accent?

The Sheriff of Nottingham


What life-enhancing innovation was introduced to the streets of Rome by the emperor Vespasian?  Affordable to all except the very poor, they were greatly lauded and even today they are still sometimes referred to as 'Vespasiani' in the Italian language.

(Pay-to-use) Public Toilets

ROUND 3 (WithQuiz format)

Hidden theme - Dedicated to Phyllis Pearsall MBE

The theme may be revealed following the spare question


What is the common name for the bird that has the official name Garrulus glandarius?



Doing so in 1972 and written by John Berger what is the shortest ever title of a novel to win the Booker prize?



Which 1999 film starred Joan Plowright, Maggie Smith, Judi Dench and Cher?  It had a screenplay written by John Mortimer and was based on the autobiography of the Italian film director Franco Zeffirelli who grew up in fascist Italy.

Tea with Mussolini


Which 1969 film was the first film to receive an Oscar nomination for both best foreign language film and best picture. Directed by Costa – Gavras, it was a political thriller about the military dictatorship that ruled Greece at the time of its making?



Which Yorkshire-born actor, who died earlier this year, was best known for playing the womanizing cafe owner Rene Artois in the BBC comedy series 'Allo 'Allo!?

Gordon Kaye


Who created and played the cynical and misanthropic comedian Rick Spleen in the BBC comedy series Lead Balloon?

Jack Dee


Which 5 letter word in the English language sounds exactly the same if you remove its final 4 letters?



In 2007 which small Welsh market town beat off fierce opposition from both Glastonbury and York for the right to be twinned with Timbuktu in Mali.  The Guardian described the twinning as being very fitting since Timbuktu is the oldest home of the written word in Africa.



(and for a 'Buy One Get One Free' finale....) Who was the Perth-born artist's model who caused an infamous Victorian scandal by leaving her unconsummated marriage to John Ruskin to live with and later marry John Everett Millais?

Effie Gray

Theme: All answers contain in part (or sound like they contain in part) just one letter

Phyllis Pearsall was the founder of the Geographer's Company which invented the A-Z series of city maps

ROUND 4 - (WithQuiz format)

Hidden theme - 'Highly irregular but at least they don't dangle'

The theme may be revealed following the spare question


Starring Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen and Robby the Robot as himself, which ground breaking Science Fiction film owes much of its plot to Shakespeare's The Tempest?

Forbidden Planet


Which film became in 1992 only the third western to win an Oscar for best film?  Cimarron in 1931 and Dances With Wolves (1990) were the other two.



Which lake in Slovenia's Julian Alps is a popular tourist destination about 35 miles from Ljubljana?  The lake surrounds an island of the same name on which stands a pilgrimage church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary.

Lake Bled


The remains of Diocletian's Palace, dating from the 4th century AD and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, takes up much of the centre of which city in the old province of Dalmatia?



Which English poet wrote 19 Holy Sonnets or Divine Meditations, the most quoted being Death, Be Not Proud?  In a lighter vein he also wrote the poem To His Mistress Going To Bed in which he compares the joy of undressing a woman to the thrill of exploring America.

John Donne


Taking its title from that of a 1663 poem by George Herbert, which BBC Radio 4 weekly programme deals with topics of religion, spirituality and morality and explores them through a mixture of speech, music, prose and poetry?

Something Understood


Which clothing chain opened its first shop in Manchester's King Street West in 1965?  The owner made a deal with rival boutique owner George Best that he would not sell suits if George did not sell jeans.  In 1966 they became the first store in the north of England to stock Levi jeans which sold at £2.37p per pair.

Stolen From Ivor


Name this footballer:

Hamilton-born Scottish international; scored 145 goals for Manchester United in 265 appearances; the son of a striker who helped Manchester City win their first League Division 1 title in 1937; in 1951 they teamed up to put Stockport County in the record book when they became the first father and son to play English League football on the same team in the same match.

David Herd


What is the title of Bob Dylan's 37th studio album released in 2016?  It comprises cover versions of 12 classic American songs, all but one of which had previously been recorded by Frank Sinatra.

Fallen Angels

Theme: All answers contain, or sound like they contain, an irregular past participle of a verb

ROUND 5 - (WithQuz format)

'Of Brits and Brexit'


Who was the subject of Alan Bennett's award winning 1983 television drama An Englishman Abroad?

Guy Burgess


In 2014, making his second appearance on BBC's Question Time, who called Nigel Farage a "pound shop Enoch Powell"?

Russell Brand


"We always were English and we always will be English.  And it's just because we are English that we're standing up for our right to be Burgundians".  From which 1949 film are these lines taken?

Passport to Pimlico


"At twelve noon the natives swoon and no further work is done".  What line comes next in this 1931 song?

“But mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun”


Rickets, hypochondria, homosexuality, syphilis and football hooliganism have all at one time or another been known as what by the French.

'The English Disease'


Who in 1885 painted The Last of England?  The artist had close ties with Manchester and has a local Wetherspoon's pub named in his honour.

Ford Maddox Brown


In which year, and in which city, did Barry Davies famously ask: "but where were the Germans.....and frankly who cares?"

1988 - Seoul

(after England had scored their third goal in the men's Olympic hockey final)

8. In 1996 the Samaritans set up extra helplines throughout the UK to cope with the emotional fallout resulting from the dissolution of what?

Take That

(the boy band)


Ploughing ever deeper into the slough of Sassenach moral despond, what do the French refer to as “le vice Anglais”?

Flagellation - specifically the desire to spank or be spanked on the bare buttocks

(something which, on the whole, Fr Megson considers to be a feckin' waste of good temptation time)


“Man does not strive for happiness. Only the Englishman does that.”  Which philosopher said that?


ROUND 6 - (WithQuiz format)



Which mysterious object becomes apparent in the foreground when Holbein's 1553 painting The Ambassadors is viewed from a certain angle?

a skull


Though difficult to spot, what creature runs along the track in front of the train in Turner's 1844 painting Rain, Steam and Speed?

a hare


(two answers required)  Name the 1985 film that gave Madonna her first major screen role - and then, by changing the tense of the verb from present participle to present tense, third person plural, give the first 8 words of the 1966 single by The Kinks which lampooned the contemporary fashion scene.

Desperately Seeking Susan


"They seek him here, they seek him there"

(from Dedicated Follower of Fashion)


(again two answers again required)  Name the 1974 cult action film directed by Sam Peckinpah and starring Warren Oates - and then, by changing the tense of the verb from imperative to present participle, give the title of the 1965 Bob Dylan album featuring the singles Subterranean Homesick Blues and Maggie's Farm.

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia


Bringing It All Back Home


What are being listed here: Freedom of the church (1); remarriage of widows (8); fish weirs (33) and application of justice (40)?

Clauses contained in the Magna Carta


According to an entry in his diary, who on Christmas Day 1911, dined on a special meal of horsemeat flavoured with onion and curry powder followed by arrowroot, cocoa and biscuit hoosh sweetened and finally a plum pudding with cocoa and raisins?

Captain (Robert Falcon) Scott


The title track from which best selling 1971 album begins with these lines: "Sitting in a sleazy snack bar / sucking sickly sausage rolls / slippin' down slowly, slippin' down sideways / think I'll sign off the dole.”?

Fog on the Tyne

(by Lindisfarne)


In a slightly more elegiac vein, which 20th century novel ends with this perfectly written sentence: "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."?

The Great Gatsby

(FS Fitzgerald – a genius of an author who miraculously managed to sum up the spirit of 40 years of WithQuiz more than 50 years before it came into being!)


In which 1994 film did Elizabeth Taylor make her final cinematic appearance, playing the role of antagonistic mother-in-law Pearl Slaghoople?

The Flintstones


In the original Flintstones cartoon series what was the name of the celebrated Bedrock attorney who never lost a case?

Perry Masonry



In what year were the crumbling remains of Stockport castle finally demolished?



How many words are contained in Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty?



How many pages are there in the Oxford World's Classics English paperback edition of Tolstoy's War and Peace?


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