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QUESTION PAPER - 7th March 2018

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WithQuiz League paper  07/03/18

Set by: The Prodigals

QotW: R2/Sp1

Average Aggregate Score:   62.8

(Season's Ave. Agg. to-date: 72.7)

"The paper was a curate's egg of a quiz - some delightful questions and some needing a nose peg"

"Although on the whole enjoying the paper .... there were some tricky moments and I counted 16 unanswered questions"


ROUND 1 - Pairs


Who succeeded Gerry Adams as leader of Sinn Fein in February 2018?

Mary Lou McDonald


Who succeeded Jacob Zuma as President of South Africa in February 2018?  (surname only needed)

(Cyril) Ramaphosa


Slieve League, notable for its spectacular cliffs, the fishing port of Killybegs, and Glenveagh National Park can be found in which Irish county?



Mount Benbulben, the village of Mullaghmore, and Drumcliffe, the burial place of W B  Yeats can be found in which Irish county?



What name links: a chef based in Port Isaac; the 2017 winners of the T20 Blast; Clint Eastwood 1976?


(Nathan; Notts; Josey Wales)


What name links: a pioneering TV chef; a two-time post-war World Heavyweight boxing champion; and an influential band formed in London in 1965?


(Keith; Patterson; Pink)


Which woman, who has been called 'The Mother of Modern Theatre' married Jimmy Miller, who would later become Ewan McColl, in 1935?

Joan Littlewood


Who was Ewan McColl’s third wife?  He wrote First Time Ever I Saw Your Face in her honour.

Peggy Seeger

ROUND 2 - 'AKA' or 'Almost Famous'

This round explores the the theme of alternative names


The Syrian oasis town of Tadmur was in the news in 2015.  What is its more familiar name?



How is Marmaduke, Earl of Bunkerton known to his pals?

Lord Snooty


Which great jazz tenor sax player, active from 1921 to 1967, was nicknamed The Bean?

Coleman Hawkins


What was the sardonic pen name of Hector Hugh Monro, author of macabre short stories such as Sredni Vashtar?



How is current pop star Rory Graham known to 'music lovers'?

Rag and Bone Man


Please spell the Finnish word for Finland.



Born 1824 in Belfast, by what name is the mathematical physicist and engineer William Thomson more widely known?

Lord Kelvin


He was born Theophrastus von Hohenheim in 1493 or 1494.  What is the more familiar 10-letter name of this physician, scientist, alchemist and occultist?



Which 1977 Oscar winning film had the working titles It Had to be Jew and Anhedonia before the final name was arrived at?

Annie Hall


By what made-up name was Florence Nightingale Graham better known?  

Elizabeth Arden


Chomolungma is highly famous by another name.  What is that name?

Mount Everest

ROUND 3 - Announced theme

'History repeating....'

Each question features the names of three actors/actresses who have all played the same historical character on the big screen. Simply supply the name of the historical character. As a further clue, we have supplied the release year of their portrayal.

For example: Simon Ward (1972), Timothy Spall (2010) and Gary Oldman (2017) would hopefully lead you to: Winston Churchill.


Vivien Leigh (1945), Sophia Loren (1954) and Amanda Barrie (1964).



Richard Harris (1967), Graham Chapman (1975) and Nigel Terry (1981).

King Arthur


Max Von Sydow (1965), Willem Defoe (1988) and Ewan McGregor (2015).

Jesus Christ


Alec Guinness (1973), Anthony Hopkins (1981) and Bruno Ganz (2004).

Adolf Hitler


Herbert Lom (1942 and 1956), Marlon Brando (1954) and Rod Steiger (1970).

Napoleon Bonaparte


Ingrid Bergman (1948), Jean Seberg (1957) and Milla Jovovich (1999).

Joan of Arc


Omar Sharif (1969), Gael Garcia Bernal (2004) and Benicio del Toro (2008).

Che Guevara


Clark Gable (1935), Marlon Brando (1962) and Mel Gibson (1984).

Fletcher Christian


Rex Harrison (1963), Kenneth William (1964) and John Gielgud (1970). 

Julius Caesar


Charles Laughton (1933), Robert Shaw (1966) and Sid James (1971).

King Henry the Eighth

ROUND 4 - Hidden theme

'A Good Night Out'

The theme may be revealed following the second spare question


A UK number one hit single for the band Deep Blue Something in 1995, this song took its title from which 1961 Oscar-winning movie?

Breakfast at Tiffanys


Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, this soul band spent the late 1960s on the Motown label but achieved greater success on signing to Buddha Records in 1972.  They last troubled the UK top 20 in 1978 with the song Come Back and Finish What You Started, though the lead vocalist went on to have several more hits as a solo artist.

Gladys Knight and the Pips (full name required for connection)


Which documentary and current affairs series ran on BBC2 between 1965 and 1981, racking up a total of nearly 500 programmes?  Notable reporters for the programme included Malcolm Muggeridge, Anna Ford and Desmond Wilcox.

Man Alive


Harry, Jim and Al were a boisterous, comedy team who were often compared to the Marx Brothers.  They appeared together in 20 films between 1934 and 1956.  What were they collectively known as?

The Ritz Brothers


In February 2018 Lulu announced her return to the West End stage after an absence of more than 30 years. She is replacing fellow Scot Sheena Easton and will be taking on the role of veteran diva Dorothy Brock in which musical?

42nd Street


This 2001 novel by Jonathan Coe appears to hold the record for the longest sentence in English literature containing 13,995 words.  It was later adapted for TV by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais and was shown as a 3-part series on BBC2 in 2005.

The Rotters’ Club


What was the one-word title of Ernest H Shackleton’s account of his last Polar expedition 1914-1917?



Steve Buscemi played mob boss Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson in which HBO TV series that ran for 5 seasons between 2010 and 2014?

Boardwalk Empire


Currently on display at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, Michigan, what type of car was John F Kennedy a passenger in when he was assassinated in Dallas on Friday November 22nd 1963?

Lincoln Continental



"Who wants to wallow in champagne?  Who wants a supersonic plane?"  These are just a few of the questions posed in which Cole Porter song from the 1956 film High Society?

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

Each answer contains the name of Mancunian night spots where the author may have cut some rug in his younger days:

Tiffanys, Pips, The Man Alive, The Ritz, 42nd Street, Rotters, South, The Boardwalk, The New Continental and The Millionaire

ROUND 5 - Announced theme

'A Walk around the Northern Quarter'

Each answer contains the name of a street in the Northern Quarter of Manchester


How to Stop Worrying and Start Living was written by which author?

Dale Carnegie


Who appropriately has a statue dedicated to them outside Leicester Railway Station on London Road?

Thomas Cook

(his first excursion was between Leicester and Loughborough)


Whose first novel Strangers on a Train was adapted into a film by Alfred Hitchock in 1951?

Patricia Highsmith


Which man who died in London on 1st September 1981 was known as the "Nazi who said sorry"?

Albert Speer


Which comedy character was played by Gilly Flower between 1975 and 1979?

Miss (Tabitha) Tibbs

(in Fawlty Towers)


In 2016, which company reverted to its clover leaf logo, originally designed in 1968, as part of a national rebrand?

The Co-op

(accept the Co-operative)


In which 1969 film does the character Hilda, played by Susan George, continue to defy her father, Rafe, played by James Mason, by refusing to eat a herring, which is presented to her every tea-time?

Spring and Port Wine


Who, in 2006, presented Green Day with their Brit award for International Album of the Year for their appropriately named album American Idiot

Paris Hilton


Who in 1974 told us that You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet?

Bachman-Turner Overdrive


Which broadcaster who died in 2010 was famous for quotes such as “Oh my God he has won the title back at 32” and “The wife of the Cambridge president is kissing the cox of the Oxford crew”?

Harry Carpenter

ROUND 6 - Announced theme


Each question gives a nod in the direction of a WithQuiz team name


In which book of the Bible does the Prodigal Son appear?



The winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913, who was known as the ‘Bard of Bengal’?  (surname only required)

Rabindranath Tagore


The first charabanc in Britain was presented to Queen Victoria in the early 1840s by which French monarch?

Louis Philippe


The Nazi government led by Admiral Karl Dönitz was based in which town in northern Germany?



What is the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta?



John Babbacombe Lee was the original 'man they could not hang'.  Which English folk band wrote a rock opera about his life?

Fairport Convention


Known as 'The Censor', 'The Wise', and 'The Ancient', which Roman opsimath – who chose to learn Greek at the age of 80 – was known for his refrain “Carthago delenda est”?

Cato (the Elder)


Ethel Merman originated the role of Rose in which Broadway musical of 1959?  Imelda Staunton won an Olivier for Best Actress in a Musical following its 2015 West End revival.



The Alan Bennett play (and film) The History Boys is set in which northern city?



What was the name of the shrimp company founded by Tom Hanks’s character in an Oscar-winning movie of 1994?  

Bubba Gump


The film Blade Runner is based on the Philip K Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?  In which titular year was the film’s recently released sequel set?


ROUND 7 & 8 - Pick your own Bingo

'1977 and All That'

WithQuiz started in 1977 - each question is related in some way to that year


Father of Invention

In 1977, who introduced a television with a two-inch screen, which had an initial retail price of £175?

Clive Sinclair


Independence Day

Which African nation gained independence from France in 1977?



Birth, Death or Marriage

George W. Bush got married on November 5th 1977.  Becoming the daughter-in-law of Barbara and George H W Bush, what was the first name of his bride?



And the Winner is....

Who won the 1977 BAFTA for Best Television Light Entertainment Performance for playing Margot, a snobbish Surbiton housewife, the only woman to win the award in the 1970s?

Penelope Keith


Hit Parade

Go Your Own Way, Dreams and Don’t Stop are all hits from which hit album of 1977?



Birth, Death or Marriage 2

In which US state was Gary Gilmore shot dead by firing squad – the first execution since the reintroduction of the death penalty in the US?



Opening Up

Designed by Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers and Gianfranco Francini, which major building was officially opened on January 31st 1977?

The Pompidou Centre



Which prolific British author wrote the semi-autobiographical Injury Time which won the 1977 Whitbread Book of the Year and centres on a woman’s affair with a tax lawyer?

Beryl Bainbridge


Birth, Death or Marriage 3

Christopher Brian Bridges was born in 1977.  He has become an influential rapper and actor.  Absurdly, his stage name makes use of a shortened version of his first name and poor spelling.  How is he better known?



Painting a Picture

Housed in the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the painting Naked Man with Rat was a 1977 work by which British artist?

Lucian Freud


Varsity Blues

Founded by a UK philanthropist in 1977, which is the most recent Cambridge University college to be established?  It was the first to accept male and female undergraduates from its inception and includes Nick Clegg, Konnie Huq and Morwenna Banks amongst its alumni.



And the Winner is....2

Which organisation won the 1977 Nobel Peace Prize?  The current Secretary-General is Salil Shetty.

Amnesty International


Birth, Death or Marriage 4

1977 would have been the 100th wedding anniversary of which composer’s marriage to Antonina Miliukova?  Her husband described Miliukova as "a woman with whom I am not the least in love".

(Pyotr Illych) Tchaikovsky


National Treasure

Mostly associated with artist Tony Hart, the ubiquitous clay character Morph, which first appeared in 1977, was created for the BBC by which British studio?

Aardman Animations


Calling Occupants

In 1977, the Kuiper Airborne Observatory was the first body to report and document sightings of the systems of rings around which planet?



The Name is....

Karl Stromberg is the main villain of which 1977 Bond film?

The Spy Who Loved Me


Sporting Chance

Thomas Bach, current president of the International Olympic Committee, won World Championship gold at which sport in 1977?



Birth, Death or Marriage 5

The jazz musician Errol Garner died in 1977.  He was most associated with which instrument?




Published in 1977, the science-fiction novel A Scanner Darkly was written by which prolific American writer?

Philip K Dick



In 1977, which Chinese politician was restored to the posts of Vice-Chairman of the Central Committee, Vice-Chairman of the Military Commission and Chief of the General Staff of the People’s Liberation Army?

Deng Xiaoping


Independence Day 2

On April 1st 1977, which Welsh town, which is now the National Book Town of Wales, declared independence from the UK?


(it was a publicity stunt)


Radio 4

In 1977, The News Quiz started on Radio 4.  It was presented by which journalist, who is probably better known as the presenter of a BBC TV magazine and review show between 1972 and 1998?

Barry Norman


Birth, Death or Marriage 6

The Olivier-nominated actress Rachael Stirling was born in 1977.  Who is her current husband?

Guy Garvey


Of Interplanetary Craft

In 1977, the space shuttle made its first test-free flight from the back of a jetliner. What was the name of this vehicle which was the first to be designated as Space Shuttle?


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