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QUESTION PAPER - 18th April 2018

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WithQuiz League paper  18/04/18

Set by: Guest (Mike Wagstaffe)

QotW: R5Q7

Average Aggregate Score:   74.2

(Season's Ave. Agg. to-date: 72.7)

"....the perfect paper on which to end our league season"

"....such a brilliant, fair, competitive paper"

"We enjoyed the paper greatly; lots of variety and some very tricky questions.  Some of the pairs were a bit unbalanced but it evened out overall."


ROUND 1 - Pairs


Who famously once said "I wouldn't say I was the best manager in the business, but I was in the top one"?

Brian Clough


The fictional Slade Prison in the TV sitcom Porridge was supposedly in which northern English county?


(or Cumbria)


Which member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood painted Bubbles and Autumn Leaves(surname will suffice)

John Millais


Which Manchester band was formed in 1987 by Graham Massey, Martin Price and Gerald Simpson?  Their highest UK chart hit was In Yer Face in 1991 and they also provided the theme tune for Channel 4’s Friday night ‘post-pub’ show The Word.

808 State


One of the three founders of 808 State left the group to launch a solo career in 1989.  Under what name did he release the iconic acid house tune Voodoo Ray, which features vocal samples of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore?

A Guy Called Gerald


The Bathers and The Card Players are amongst the works of which French post-impressionist artist?  (surname will suffice)

Paul Cézanne


As well as having possibly the most quintessentially English place name ever, the Somerset village of Cricket St Thomas was the setting for the fictional Grantleigh in which hugely popular TV sitcom of the late 1970s/early 1980s?

To the Manor Born


Who famously once said “In 1969 I gave up women and alcohol - it was the worst twenty minutes of my life”?

George Best


The so-called Coronation Riots took place in England in the eighteenth century.  They were a response to the crowning of which king?

George I

ROUND 2 - Hidden theme

The theme may be revealed following the spare question


Give the full name of the Australian actor who had a UK top ten novelty hit with Captain Beaky in 1980.

Keith Michell

(pronounced ‘mee-shell’)


During the US Presidential election of 1984 who was Walter Mondale’s running mate, the first woman ever to stand for the office of Vice President whilst representing one of the two main parties?

Geraldine Ferraro


The Empire State Building, The Rockefeller Centre, St Patrick’s Cathedral, The Flatiron Building and the New York Public Library can all be found on which New York City thoroughfare?

Fifth Avenue


Which edible product has just three official manufacturers: Romney’s, Wilson’s and Quiggin’s?

Kendal Mint Cake


A number six UK hit for Oliver in 1969, which song features these profound lyrics?

"Gliddy glub gloopy,
Nibby nabby noopy,
La la la lo lo,
Sabba sibby sabba,
Nooby abba nabba,
Le le lo lo."

Good Morning Starshine (from the musical Hair)


Czechoslovakia’s Jan and Vlasta Dalibor were the brains behind which double act that had the signature tune We Belong Together?

Pinky and Perky


Nick Faldo won six major championships after re-building his swing under the guidance of which British golf instructor?  (surname will suffice)

(David) Leadbetter


Named after the British astrophysicist who first proposed it in 1938, what name is given to the theoretical number of protons in the observable universe, approximately ten to the power of eighty?

Eddington number


Whose written works include What Is to Be Done?, One Step Forward, Two Steps Back and The Right of Nations to Self-Determination?


Theme: Each answer contains a word linked to the classic TV sitcom The Good Life....
Penelope Keith; Geraldine the goat; the main setting was The Avenue, Surbiton; Felicity Kendal; Tom/Barbara Good; the pigs Pinky and Perky; Jerry/Margot Leadbetter; Paul Eddington; Lenin the rooster

ROUND 3 - 'Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad'

In this round you need to give any two of the three possible answers


Name any two of the three films for which Daniel Day-Lewis has won the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Any two from:
My Left Foot
There Will Be Blood


Name any two of the three all-time leading run scorers in Test cricket (as at 12 April 2018).

Any two from:

Sachin Tendulkar
Ricky Ponting
Jacques Kallis


The Brontë sisters published many of their early works using pseudonyms.  Name any two of the three male first names that they used in conjunction with the surname Bell.

Any two from:



Name any two of the rivers represented by the three diagonal stripes on the coat-of-arms of the City of Manchester.

Any two from:


Chronologically between Station to Station and Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) in the David Bowie canon, name any two of the three consecutive studio albums that comprise the so-called ‘Berlin trilogy’, made whilst Bowie was living in the city and collaborating with producers Tony Visconti and Brian Eno.

Any two from:


Name any two of the three counties in the province of Ulster that are also part of the Republic of Ireland.

Any two from:


Name any two of the three most abundant chemical elements in the earth’s crust.

Any two from:


Name any two of the three novels that feature the Rabbitte family from Dublin and comprise Roddy Doyle’s Barrytown trilogy

Any two from:
The Commitments
The Snapper
The Van


Name any two of the three London Underground stations on the Central Line between Lancaster Gate and Tottenham Court Road.

Any two from:
Marble Arch
Bond Street,
Oxford Circus

ROUND 4 - Hidden theme

The theme may be revealed following the spare question


Taking its title from the opening line of the W B Yeats poem Sailing to Byzantium, which Coen Brothers film won the 2007 Academy Award for Best Picture?

No Country for Old Men


Which song was at the top of the UK charts at the time of the death of Princess Diana?  It was the title track from a hit movie of the year and was performed by one of the film’s two male leads.  The song ‘borrows’ significantly from Patrice Rushen’s 1982 hit, Forget Me Nots.

Men in Black
(by Will Smith)


Chukotka is the region of Russia closest to Alaska.  Which former street trader and rubber duck salesman was the region’s Governor from 2000 to 2008?  He is now much better known in a rather different context.

Roman Abramovich


Which musical that opened on Broadway in 1957 features the songs Something’s Coming, A Boy Like That and One Hand, One Heart?

West Side Story


In 1890 John Ball became the first English winner of which annual sporting event, thirty years after it was first staged and four years before it was first held in England?

The Open Championship (golf)


What was the first virus ever to be discovered?  It causes leaf discolouration in a certain range of plants and its isolation led to a Nobel Prize for US biochemist Wendell Stanley in 1946.

Tobacco Mosaic Virus


Which Rupert Brooke poem begins "Just now the lilac is in bloom" and ends "And is there honey still for tea?"?

The Old Vicarage, Grantchester


Three miles south-west of Ripon in North Yorkshire, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Studley Royal Park is home to which ruined monastery?

Fountains Abbey


Although filmed in Ohio, which New England state is the supposed setting for the 1994 film The Shawshank Redemption?


Theme: Each answer contains a word that can precede ‘road’ to make a well-known phrase/expression....
Country road; Menin Road (led from Ypres to ‘the front’ in World War I); Roman road; Side road; Open road; Tobacco Road (novel); Vicarage Road (Watford FC); Abbey Road; Maine Road.

ROUND 5 - 'Size Matters'
Each answer contains a word relating to size and/or magnitude


In contemporary pop music how are Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Perrie collectively known?

Little Mix


Which Docklands district in Tower Hamlets is home to the historic riverside pubs The Prospect of Whitby, The Captain Kidd and The Town of Ramsgate?



What name connects Bolton Wanderers, a character from the early days of EastEnders and a member of the concert party in It Ain’t Half Hot Mum?

(Lofty is Bolton’s Lion mascot)


Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas are fictional settings used in which video game series?

Grand Theft Auto


Which British actor’s television roles have included Harold Macmillan in The Crown, Thomas More in Wolf Hall, Qyburn in Game of Thrones and Chief Superintendent Bright in Endeavour?

Anton Lesser


Which award-winning brewery in Stoke-on-Trent produces beers that include Anchor, Plum Porter, First Class and Captain Smith’s Strong Ale?

Titanic Brewery


Made from the zinc-aluminium alloy Zamac, what were produced at a factory in Binns Road, Liverpool from 1934 to 1979?

Dinky Toys


Since 2010 what has taken place in the grounds of Fulham Palace, London, Valentines Mansion, Essex and Harptree Court, Somerset?   Since 2014 the venue has been Welford Park in Berkshire.

The Great British Bake Off


Known for his distinctive singing style, under which name did Herbert Buckingham Khaury have US chart hits in the late 1960s?

Tiny Tim

ROUND 6 - 'Take A Letter'
Each question requires TWO answers (a and b).  Answer b) will be almost identical to answer a), but with one letter removed.  The removed letter may be ANY of those in answer a) (and there may be a change in pronunciation, e.g. ‘trough’ would become ‘rough’).  Example: a) Arabian capital city and b) Constellation commonly known as the fly - answers: Muscat and Musca.


a) The first name shared by a former Prime Minister of Canada, American gangster ‘Baby Face Nelson’ and a British champion jockey.

b) A general term for an organic compound formed by the reaction of an alcohol and a carboxylic acid.

a) Lester
(Pearson, Gillis, Pigott)

b) Ester


a) A hermaphrodite, aquatic animal of the phylum Annelida.

b) An upmarket Austrian ski resort, a favourite of Princess Diana.

a) Leech

b) Lech


a) An English town or city

b) The surname of the author of the books WTF, Brown’s Britain and Who Runs Britain? How the Super-Rich are Changing our Lives.

a) Preston

b) (Robert) Peston


a) A British football team founded in 1872.

b) The administrative centre of the French département Maine-et-Loire.

a) Rangers

b) Angers


a) A boastful but cowardly character in Henry IV Part 2, The Merry Wives of Windsor and Henry V.

b) A tomato-based Spanish dish which is similar in appearance to ratatouille and usually served with bread and a fried egg on top.

a) Pistol

b) Pisto


a) The surname of the leader of a UK political party when it was dissolved in August 2016.

b) The birthplace of the man who topped a 2009 Scottish television poll to find the greatest Scot of all time.

a) (George) Galloway
(of the Respect party)

b) Alloway
(Robert Burns)


a) A country.

b) The surname of a current member of Manchester United’s first team squad.

a) Malta

b) (Juan) Mata


a) A sport

b) An Irish county town.

a) Tennis

b) Ennis
(County Clare)


a) The general name of the class of polymers that are made up of repeating units of siloxane.

b) The element between aluminium and phosphorus in the periodic table.

a) Silicone

b) Silicon

ROUND 7 - 'The Mamas and The Papas'
Every answer contains a word that can be preceded by either ‘Mother’ or ‘Father’ to produce a well-known name or expression


Which British actress won a BAFTA for her performance in the 2009 coming-of-age drama An Education and is married to the lead singer of Mumford & Sons?

Carey Mulligan


Released by an Italian house music group and spending six weeks at number one, what was the title of the UK’s best-selling single of 1989?  The group was fronted by non-singing French Caribbean model Katrin Quinol, who mimed to a backing track during performances.

Ride On Time
(by Black Box)


Name the brewery that was founded in London in 1787 and is now a part of the Marston’s Group. It was the sponsor of the English Rugby Union Premiership for ten years from its foundation in 1987.



What was formed in April 1968 from the merger of organisations in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire plus those in the urban areas of Oxford and Reading?  Since 2015 it has been led by Francis Habgood.

Thames Valley Constabulary
(or Police)


Flying Fish Cove is the capital of which territory?

Christmas Island


What began as a technology conference in 1984 and has now evolved into a non-profit organisation dedicated to the spreading of ideas across a wide range of scientific and cultural disciplines?  More than 2000 of its ‘Talks’ are freely available on-line, including those by Bill Clinton, Bono, Professor Brian Cox and Bill Gates, amongst others.

(standing for 'Technology, Entertainment, Design')


Which master of disguise with hypnotic powers is the arch enemy of International Rescue in the TV series Thunderbirds?  In the 2004 film version he was played by Ben Kingsley.

The Hood


Organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature every March, what is the name of the annual global event that encourages the turning off of non-essential lights?

Earth Hour


In May 2014 former Harry Potter star Emma Watson graduated with a BA in English Literature from which American University?

Brown University

Theme names/expressions: Mother Carey; Father Time; Mother Courage; Father Thames; Father Christmas; Father Ted; Father/Motherhood; Mother Earth; Father Brown

ROUND 8 - 'On This Day'
Questions about events that happened on 18h April.


In the fifth West Indies v England Test match on this day in 1994, Brian Lara set a new Test batting record, beating the previous best by Gary Sobers. How many runs did he score?



What was unusual about the BBC’s evening news radio broadcast on this day in 1930?

The announcer simply said “There is no news today” and then some music was played


Born on this day in 1857 which American civil rights lawyer rose to prominence during the so-called Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925?  He was the inspiration for Spencer Tracy’s character Henry Drummond in the 1960 film version of the trial, Inherit the Wind.

Clarence Darrow


On this day in 1943 which principal target of the appropriately-titled Operation Vengeance was killed in Papua New Guinea, when his plane was shot down by the US air force?  (surname only required)

Admiral Yamamoto
(architect of the Pearl Harbor attack)


Who became the first President of newly-independent Zimbabwe on this day in 1980?

Canaan Banana


Wizard was the inaugural winner of which race on this day in 1809?

2000 Guineas


On this day in which year was the city of San Francisco devastated by a powerful earthquake and subsequent fire?



Born on this day in 1971, which Scottish actor married fellow thespian Georgia Moffett in 2011 and became the son-in-law of squeaky-voiced actress Sandra Dickinson and former Doctor Who star Peter Davison?

David Tennant


On this day in which year did Manchester United clinch the first of their twenty English League titles?


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