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22nd May 2024

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Dave Badley

Many of you will know Dave Badley, stalwart of the Tiviot team in the Stockport League.

Sadly he died last Thursday, July 18th.

  Not only a long term and able quizzer, who we often came up against in the WIST competitions, Dave was one of the founding fathers of the Stockport League, having served as Chairman for many years.

Further details are on the Stockport Quiz League home page.

2023/24 is no more - put to bed by the combined might of WithQuiz at the Albert Club

Ethel emerged as the most successful team of the season but on the night the Bards took the End of Season crown

End of Season Friendly Quiz

Winners: Bards

Runners Up: History Men

Third place: Ethel Rodin

Another season bit the dust as the combined forces of the WithQuiz brains gathered at the Albert Club to celebrate in the usual 'end of season' way. 

The quiz of the evening was put together by myself and constructed on themes inspired by the film Casablanca.  Round 1 was a music and pictures round distilled from papers we've used during the past season ('You Must Remember This').  Round 2 ('A Kiss is Still a Kiss') was formed from contributions received from past WithQuizzers (Gerry Collins, Paddy Duffy and John Tolan), and from WithQuiz website user David Burnage from London, all of whom very generously responded to my website call for questions a few weeks back, and Round 3 was my own concoction inspired by the 3 'R's ('The Fundamental Things Apply').

In between rounds Mark Bassett (now back with Cheryl from their work in Vienna) was our Guest of Honour presenting the season's awards ('Round up the Usual Suspects').  Mark's been helping to run the International Atomic Energy Authority while Cheryl has been recording audio-books in English for Austrian ears.

During the course of the evening WithQuizzers voted for the 'Question of the Season' based on the 26 candidates chosen as 'Question of the Week' each week on the website.  As you can see in the table below Albert lifted this award with two KFD offerings in hot pursuit placed second and third.

As for the evening's quiz ('A Fight for Love and Glory') the Bards were just too strong for the rest winning with a score of 78 out of the 100 points on offer.  The History Men finished second and Ethel Rodin third.

Finally major congratulations go to Ethel Rodin who were the standout team this season.  They did the WithQuiz double of the Barry Whitehead League Shield and the Val Draper Cup whilst further a-field (under the guise of 'Smart Alex') they won the Stockport league trophy.

However stellar their performance has been this time, there are plenty of teams snapping at their heels and absolutely nothing is guaranteed for next season.

Thanks go to John Dennison who took some snaps during the evening which you can glimpse here and if you want to test yourselves against the evening's quiz paper then you can see it here (music clips and all).

So here's looking at you quizzers!  Let's rest up and recharge our batteries for the autumn.  Remember we'll always have Ladybarn - As Time Goes By!

'Question of the Season' results....







To what was someone (perhaps Lord Chesterfield although the quotation is variously attributed) referring when he said “the pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous and the price absurd”?

Sexual intercourse



Which is the largest city in a UEFA member country never to have staged a Champions League match?




Which literary character is described thus:

"Even among men lacking all distinction he inevitably stood out as a man lacking more distinction than all the rest, and people who met him were always impressed by how unimpressive he was"?

Major Major

(from Catch 22)