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29/10/2007 Chain words

Each answer consists of a first part which is the same as the last part of the previous answer and a second part which is the same as the first part of the next answer.  The answer to question 1 links in the same way to the answer for question 10.

Thus consecutive answers might be: Newcastle, Castlebay, and Baywatch.

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Of which constituency was Tony Benn the MP between 1984 and 2001?


What large bird of the thrush family has the Latin name Turdus Pilaris and is a winter visitor to the UK from Scandinavia?


What is the nickname of Haydn’s Symphony No. 45, in the final movement of which the composer instructs each musician to stop playing, snuff out the candle on his music stand, and leave the stage, so that at the end, there are just two muted violins left?


What is the name of the canal in Canada that links Lake Erie and Lake Ontario bypassing the Niagara Falls?


As we all know you have to be Scottish and female to really understand the weather. What is the first name of Ms McLean, GMTV’s very own Scottish weathercaster?


Which Football League Club play their home games at the Madejski Stadium?


Which small Scottish town lying 14 miles northwest of Inverness was formerly the county town of Ross & Cromarty and is home to the Scottish Football team Ross County?


What is the Microsoft term used to describe a GUI background?


Which 1973 film directed by Peter Bogdanovich starred Ryan and Tatum O’Neal?


What familiar sight at City’s home matches was unveiled at Maine Road in 1996 just before City’s Premier League game against Ipswich?