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31/03/2008 'From WA to FL'

Each answer contains 2 words which start with the official 2-letter postal abbreviation for a US State (so, for instance, an answer of Hayling Island would stand for Hawaii, since Hawaii has the postal code HI).

Starting from Seattle and ending in Miami the answers track a journey through 10 adjacent States (excluding the journey start and end States of Washington and Florida).

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Which rumbustious film actor and nephew of the director of the film The Third Man, most appropriately starred in that same director's single Oscar-winning film, playing the part of Bill Sikes?


Which former host of Saturday Night at the London Palladium had the catch-phrases (with his thumb up) “Swinging” and (with his thumb down) “Dodgy”?


Which current business inherited the bioscience part of the former British conglomerate ICI?


Which British driver won the Formula 1 world championship in 1992?


What was the name of the BBC drama series created and written by Paul Abbott that won the 2002 BAFTA for Best Drama Series?


Which role did Alec Guinness play in 1977 which assured him wealth throughout the rest of his life?


Which former Guardian Russian correspondent and author owned a boat called the Nancy Blackett?


In the Beatles’ song Happiness is a Warm Gun, who “jumped the gun”?


Which Scottish singer from Aberdeen has released albums called Diva, Medusa and Bare?


Which pop group was created by the ITV talent show Popstars: The Rivals in 2002 and has had numerous hits including Walk This Way, I’ll Stand By You and Sound of the Underground?