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24/11/2008 'A Posting to Portsmouth'

Each answer starts with the first letter of a UK postcode and (where the postcode is of 2 letters) ends with the second letter of a UK postcode.  The sequence of postcodes used follows the journey of an envelope from Manchester to Portsmouth moving up, down or diagonally from postcode area to adjacent postcode area (refer to the map below).

Ten postcode areas are used excluding the start and destination areas.  The envelope does not necessarily follow the most direct route.

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What is the surname of the actor who played the part of Gareth in Four Weddings and A Funeral?


What is the surname of the English actress nominated for the Best Leading Actress Oscar in 1983, and the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 2000?


What is the alternative name for the kestrel derived from the position just it takes just before it swoops to catch its prey?


What was the surname of the 19th century English sideshow performer known as The Elephant Man?


What is the surname of the broadcaster who succeeded Hugh Scully and preceded Fiona Bruce as the presenter of a long-running TV show?


What natural phenomenon can be variously classified as a Dome, a Pinnacle, a Wedge, a Dry-Dock, a Blocky or a Growler?


What was the acronymic name for the first general-purpose electronic computer completed in 1946?


What was the surname of the politician who succeeded Michael Howard as Home Secretary?


In 1946, at the time of the accession to the throne of the world’s longest ruling monarch, King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great, what was the name of the country of which he became monarch?


What English word derives from the Sanskrit for darkness and light; literally meaning one who shows others knowledge (i.e. light) and destroys their ignorance (i.e. darkness)?