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26/01/2009 Obama's Journey

The initial letters of the 2 words in each answer represent a State (using the US Postal Service State abbreviations).  Together these contiguous States chart a (fairly tortuous) path between Barack Obama’s Senatorial State and his subsequent Presidential residence – excluding the States that were the start and the end points.

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In June 2000 Tony Blair was heckled and slow-handclapped whilst giving a speech at Wembley. Whom was he addressing?

Women’s Institute

(WI = Wisconsin)


Who is leader and founding member of the group Jethro Tull?

Ian Anderson

(IA = Iowa)


Which former head of MI6 is believed by many to be the model for novelist John le Carré’s leading character George Smiley?

Maurice Oldfield

(MO = Missouri)


Where would you find Maxwell, Mr Mustard and Pam alongside an Octopus?

Abbey Road

(tracks on the Beatles album)

(AR = Arkansas)


Which professional footballer played for Swindon Town, Manchester City, Burnley, and Stockport County during his career and then went on to play alongside Pele and Michael Caine in the film Escape to Victory?

Mike Summerbee

(MS = Mississippi)


What was the real name of the singer who had number one hits in the late 1950s with What Do You Want and Poor Me?

Terry Nelhams

(who had the stage name Adam Faith)

(TN = Tennessee)


Which famous American portrait photographer took the last pictures of John Lennon and Yoko Ono together in New York just 5 hours before Lennon was murdered?

Annie Leibovitz

(AL = Alabama)


What generic name is given to the Caribbean islands of Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico?

Greater Antilles

(GA = Georgia)


Which 20th century British Prime Minister was MP for Birmingham Edgbaston during his term as PM?

Neville Chamberlain

(NC = N Carolina)


What substance is supposed to help develop human visual acuity?

Vitamin A

(VA = Virginia)