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29/06/2009 Chain words (5)

Each answer consists of a first part which is the same as the last part of the previous answer and a second part which is the same as the first part of the next answer.  The answer to question 1 links in the same way to the answer for question 10.

Thus consecutive answers might be: Newcastle, Castlebay, and Baywatch.

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Which Andalusian city, twinned with Manchester, lies on the River Guadalquivir and contains the Great Mosque?


Roland Burns is one of the two Senators for the State of Illinois. What is the surname of his predecessor in this role?


What was the surname of the BBC sports commentator whose famous catchphrase was “Oh, I say!”?


What is the surname of the UK singer and songwriter who had a hit in 1972 with the single You’re a Lady?


What was the first name of the Wallasey MP who, as Postmaster General between 1957 and 1959, launched the Premium Bond scheme?


Only 2 books of the Old Testament are named after women. The Book of Ruth is one; what is the other?


In Greek mythology who was Zeus’ wife?


Which word appears most frequently in the liturgy of the Catholic mass?


What was the surname of the Sri Lankan cricketer who opened the batting for Lancashire between 1986 and 1993?


According to Greek mythology the Trojan War was caused by a dispute between Hera, Aphrodite and Athena that started over the prize of an apple to be awarded by Eris to the fairest of them all. The prize was thereafter named The Golden Apple of …… what?