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28/12/2009 Not Albert

The first and last letters of each of the 10 answers provide 20 different letters of the alphabet.  The letters A-L-B-E-R-T are not used.

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Who wrote the 1993 novel A Suitable Boy?


What was the name of the decisive battle of the Crimean War fought on November 5th 1854 when the French and British inflicted a heavy defeat on the Russians?


What was the title of the British Eurovision Song Contest entry in 1971 sung by Clodagh Rogers?


Which British novelist won the 1980 Booker Prize for The Rites of Passage and then won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1983?


In the final of the World Series Cup between Australia and New Zealand at Melbourne in 1981 what type of delivery did Trevor Chappell famously bowl as the last ball of the last over to New Zealand tailender Brian McKechnie?


Which TV show has been presented down the years by Eamonn Andrews, Leslie Crowther, Michael Aspel, Ed Stewart and Stu Francis?


Derived from the French word meaning to break wind, what is the name for a small bomb used to blow up gates and fortifications?


What was the name of the 8 year old girl murdered by solicitor's clerk Frederick Baker in 1867 in Alton, Hampshire?  Talk that her butchered remains had been passed off as tinned mutton in a particularly noxious batch of naval rations gave rise to her name being used as a byword for something that is worthless.


With which carol has King’s College Chapel Choir begun its Christmas Eve Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols since 1919?


Which word is defined in the dictionary as a monocle, a type of yo-yo, a mocking look and a hoax - but is better known these days as a harmless, and occasionally pleasurable, pastime?