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27/09/2010 Square bashing

Each answer starts with the same letter(s) as the square of the question number (e.g. the answer to Q5 is 2 words starting with a ‘T’ and an ‘F’ as in twenty five).

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The enzyme, lachrymatory factor synthase, is a gas given off when which foodstuff is cut?


What is the former name of the Scottish county of Angus - and also the name of the ship from which Grace Darling famously helped to rescue sailors in a wreck off the Farne Islands?


What was the original Latin name for the element sodium?


Everybody knows about Florence Nightingale, but what was the surname of the Jamaican-born Creole nurse who also helped the wounded troops in the Crimea and became the subject of bitter and vitriolic attacks from Nightingale?


Which 1960s TV show was set in the town of Bedrock and featured, amongst others, Mel Blanc?


The 1960s Kinks song Waterloo Sunset is thought to reference two high profile English actors of the time. One is Julie Christie, who is the other?


What was the name of the Chicago gangster sent to prison at the same time as Al Capone?  He was later played in the film Capone by Sylvester Stallone.


Who writes the children’s book series called Budgie the Little Helicopter?


When M&S relaunched its fashion wear in 2006 it used 5 famous models to spearhead the campaign. Twiggy, Elizabeth Jagger, Laura Bailey and Noemie Lenoir were 4 of the 5.  Who was the fifth?


Which Canadian-born footballer is the only player to have played for England without ever having been an English resident?