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Albert win the WIST Champions Cup to become best team in South Manchester

...leaving a Lowly Grail for the History Men as the best worst team in South Manchester

Tony's Bards retain the Val Draper Cup...


...whilst Albert pick up the WithQuiz Plate

The Barry Whitehead WithQuiz League Shield returns to the Griffin with KFD

Greg's 'Punny Baryatrics' question wins the Dave Barras Question of the Season award

"I need more hands" - the Bards collect for winning the evening's quiz

From the Dark Satanic Griffin Barry collects for the KO United 'Jerusalem' round...

...and thanks to you, Ashton, for tonight's excellent quiz

With fond memories of your Dad, thanks Cathy for being our Guest of Honour

Andrew thanks me for keeping Wednesday's fun going into Thursdays via the website

QM & MC at evening's end

A stern-faced Ethel skipper with his entourage

A pair of happy-go-lucky Charas

A quartet of Bards take a break from winning the evening's quiz

A trio of History Men remember the good old days

Classic KFD mingle with their carers


Beware!  It looks like the Opsimaths are recruiting for next season



...and finally this lot look as happy as Pigs in ... the Albert Club