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4th June 2003


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St Caths beat old rivals the Braggarts in the Val Draper Cup final and the Historymen beat Dr O'Neil in the Plate final

Results & Match Reports

The results of the 2 finals were:

CUP:         St Caths (36) beat the Braggarts (34)

There was a nailbiting climax to the season at the Griffin with hardly a point between the two teams until the last round.  Finally St Caths edged into a small but decisive lead when Martin misfired on a football question (who can remember the last time that happened?).  He was sure it was Alan "Sniffer" Clarke (Question 38) when we all knew the answer was Charlie "Priapic" George (see Kieran for an explanation of Charlie George's soubriquet).  After such a close end to the league with the Braggarts just pipping St Caths yet again, it was justice for the nearly men of St Caths to come away triumphant.

In a dramatic development following the game Martin penned this note to Braggarts team captain, Kieran:  "I wish to apologise for my performance and would be grateful if you would accept my resignation.  I have brought shame on my family and embarassed my teammates."  As Martin's shame was aired in public some big names were hovering in the background cheques at the ready (Martin has already indicated he has no objection in principle to playing under Czech management - ho! ho!).  Will this big name transfer go ahead or will Martin be reconcilled with Kieran "Hairdryer" Dillon?  We will have to wait until the autumn to find out. 

Further speculation surrounds league supremos, the Braggarts.  Following the announcement of Dr O'Neil's decsion to change their name to Ethel Rodin (and possibly move to the White Swan next season - thus negating the name change - but then who said the quiz league was based on logic?) the Braggarts, are toying with a name change of their own.  The favourite contender seems to be 'Fifth Finger' - an anagram of 'The Griffin' with an extra 'F' (though the Opsimaths, for one, have never had any difficulty deploying an extra 'F' when referring to the Braggarts).

PLATE:    Historymen (38) beat Dr O'Neil (26)

 Our correspondent in the thick of the action, Ivor Cartmill, writes:

 "An enjoyable contest at the Red Lion for the Plate with the History Men pulling away in the second half.  Last season's Cup runners-up falter at the last hurdle leaving this season's third placed league team picking up the metaphorical silver (or is there a real plate too? - next week's prize ceremony no doubt will reveal all).  Mind you, comparing the Cup to the Plate is a bit like these public schools that only have two prizes - one for the genius who writes the best poem in Latin in the style of Catullus and the other for the stupid boy with the best kept hamster cage."

Quiz Paper Verdict

The questions for this final Wednesday evening of the 2002/3 season were set by the Brains of Oak.  Yet again we had an excellent paper with many tough, tip-of-the-tongue teasers to tantalise the teams.  It was, as ever with the Brains, presented ŕ la Bingo.  At the Griffin we had the added bonus of Brain, Damian, asking the questions and Brain, Gerry, spectating and giving extra items of colourful detail on all-Ireland Hurling and Football finals.

General consensus at the Griffin was that the season has contained more fine papers than anyone can recall for a long time.  Many thanks has to go to the setters for their herculean efforts (and, although every team takes a turn at setting, there are relatively few sets of shoulders upon which the burden tends to fall week in week out).  I hope the introduction of the website with its chat about the quality of each week's questions and the 'Question of the Week' award has helped to create an atmosphere where excellence in question-setting has been an accolade worth striving for.  Certainly I have had countless representations over the weeks to select this or that question for the QOTW award.  According to those at the Griffin last night a particular mention is in order here for the papers set by newcomers, SWMCC.  As with last week's paper, their efforts have always been great fun and extended the horizons of the type of question we can expect quite a bit further.  Many thanks!

For me at the Griffin the evening ended with a pleasant trip down memory lane in the company of Mike Heale and Pete Taylor recalling quiz seasons over the past 25 years - teams (and mates) long since moved on and incidents that seem hilarious in the recounting (many it seems involving a heavy Czech accent).  Here's hoping for a good'un next season.

The Question of the Week

Oh! I nearly forgot - my 'Question of the Week' award is shared this week.  It goes to Questions 30 & 62:

If you met some bloke in the pub and you were chatting away in Esperanto (as you do) and he told you he was a “Lakisto” what would you deduce he did for a living?


 If in Manchester you came across William Gladstone and Oliver Heywood on one side and John Bright and James Frazer (DD) on the other side, who would be in the middle?

The answer to these and all the other questions and answers from this week's paper can be found by clicking here.


And so to the End of Season get together......

This will be held next TUESDAY (June 10th) starting at around 8.15pm at the Albert Club on Old Lansdowne Road.  All the teams and any guests they care to bring will be very welcome.  Andrew Simcock (as is now the tradition) has set a jolly end of season paper for the evening.  At the end of the evening we will present the season's trophies (if we have found them by then).  If teams wish to take the opportunity we can have a brief discussion at the start of the evening (I suggest 8.15 to 8.30) between representatives of each team about the format of the league and any other mutual issues.

Look forward to seeing you all next Tuesday.