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29th October 2003


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This week:

  • Historymen keep their 100% record with an away win at the Sun in September over the X-Pats

  • Fifth Finger, who have also yet to drop a point, beat Snoopy's at St Caths Club

  • St Caths complete the 100% trio - they sculpt an away win in Ethel Rodin's studio

  • Stumped dispatch Opsimaths who were well out of their ground (despite being at home!)

  • The Brains notch up their first win of the season against the Albert who now share the league's 'nul points' position with the Opsimaths and the X-Pats.  Fr Megson writes:

"In an exhilarating display of attacking gnosticism last night Fr. Megson's hitherto pointless protegés proved that there is indeed life after braindeath.  The modest cleric and part time nun magnet was however at pains to point out that this new found life may not in fact be eternal but is rather more likely to have a shelf life of exactly one week after which they can confidently expect to be well and truly impaled on the dreaded Fifth Finger.  We can only hope that Kieran takes his ring off first."

Quiz Paper Verdict

Another excellent paper, this time from the Pigs.  Aggregate scores ranged between 75 (Snoopy's v the Fingers) and 60 (Ethel v St Caths).  Only query in our match was over the posthumous Oscar winner (Round 4 Q5).  We agreed that Peter Finch fitted the bill, but didn't Oliver Reed get one for his supporting role in Gladiator, after having downed his last pint?  Stumped's Roger Edmunds proved unstoppable on the sports questions and in a world of his own when he got all the Eurovision Song Contest questions right, adding in the years of each song for good measure, and a semi-performance of Cliff Richard's Power to all our Friends complete with crotch movements.

The Question of the Week

My nomination for Question of the Week goes to (Round 3 Q7):

Which three words, appearing consecutively in the dictionary, mean:

tactful - an inconsistency - individually distinct?

Click here for the answer to this and all the other questions and answers from this week.


Opsimaths' truly dreadful start to the season prompted some reflections in our team debrief on why we had slumped from last season's mediocre form to new lows.  We decided that during the close season we had collectively slipped down the quizzer's "Five ages of Man" from Age 3 to Age 4 (and showing worrying tendencies towards Age 5).  These Ages were defined as:

  • AGE 1 - knows bugger all and not bothered about showing it

  • AGE 2 - knows bugger all but full of false confidence

  • AGE 3 - found out all he's going to and boy does he let you know it

  • AGE 4 - knows it all but isn't sure when he recalls it whether it's right or not

  • AGE 5 - sans everything (to quote the Bard)

Well, Opsimaths take a rest from the runners up role next week to set.  As things currently look you're in for the season's first batch of picture questions.  Hope you enjoy them!!