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21st October 2004


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Opsimaths lost to FCEK in a close match at the Albert Club

St. Caths enjoyed a comfortable home victory over Albert Park 

Albert, continuing their excellent start to the season, just sneaked home over Snoopy's Friends

History Men lost at home to Fifth Finger who, ominously, opened their account in impressive form

X-Pats got off the mark with a home victory over the Electric Pigs

Quiz Paper Verdict

An interesting paper this week from Ethel Rodin including the first effort at a sort of 'Call My Bluff' format.  Your comments, by and large, welcomed this new format but wished a few, slightly more familiar, words had been used - or, at least, words that could have been intelligently guessed.  Other comments suggested a wide variety in the standard of questions with some easy rounds balanced by some pretty stiff rounds.  One other comment bemoaned the pair of 'phobia' questions suggesting they were impossibly tough.  At the Albert Club, nevertheless, an inspired Fr Megson dredged the correct answer to the 'dromophobia' question from the back of his clerical napper.  So there!!

The Question of the Week

Round 8 - Question 1:

There were ten of them altogether; number 3 was simple, 4 was fair (or bald), 5 was wise, 6 was foolish, and 10 gave it up altogether.  Who were they?

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One bit of really sad news just received...

I gather 'Big Eddie' from Stumped died last week having been ill for the past few months.  His funeral was this Friday at St John's, Chorlton.  I will remember him as a good friend and team colleague.  He played a few times for the Opsimaths before joining SWMCC (Stumped).  He was much liked by us, and I'm sure we will all miss him.

Fr Megson


A Chairde,

Heartbreak for crisis club Opsimaths at rainswept Albert Club last night as they narrowly failed to bring off the comeback of the season against a dour yet increasingly metaphysical FCEK side.

It was a particularly dark teatime of the soul for Brionski, the Opsimath's brilliant but wayward Romanian international who, shrugging off accusations of indulging in life-enhancing drugs, played the game of his now officially non-enhanced life and still managed to end up on the losing side.

"Gutted, absolutely gutted", sobbed team captain and former heart-throb, Mike Bath. 

"Going into the game nobody gave us a chance of grinding out a result against FCEK, possibly one of the slickest quiz teams to come out of Ladybarn in the last decade.  But fair play to the lads and lass, they played their socks and tights off and I think our fan was also outstanding tonight.  Out standing in the rain I mean because he's currently barred for selling his services to the highest bidder.  Going into the final round I really thought we had cracked it.  We had 'em on the ropes crying for the towel to be thrown in.  Marvellous."

So..........what went wrong Mikey?

"I'm not saying anything until I have had a chance to see the video but I suppose with hindsight some people might say it was tactically naive for me to play the final round with young Brionski up front on his own and the rest of the team dropping back to the bar.  I think our lines of communication became a bit stretched.  I told them I wanted them to play in a Double Diamond formation but perhaps I didn't make myself clear.

"I've also told Colinski, our brilliant but wayward Moldovan striker that his knowledge is exquisite but it might be even more effective if he learned to release it earlier, perhaps even before the question gets answered incorrectly by both teams.  A small quibble I know but I think it is attention to detail that marks out great managers like wot I am from mere mortals like Joe Keegan."

And will the Opsimaths avoid the drop this season?  Everybody seems to have their own opinion, mostly negative.  What's yours, Mikey?

"That's dashed decent of you. I'll have a pint of Albert and a packet of crisps please.  Oh go on then, twist my arm then.  Just a small Glenmorangie, ice, no coke and maybe another packet of crisps to keep the first one company.  God, did you see that Brionski tonight.  Triffic. Different class. Did I mention that he's brilliant but wayward?  Don't know what he was on tonight, but whatever it was, I bet you you could bottle it and sell it behind the bar for 3 quid a pint.  We could call it something German and pretend it was real.  Trust me, I'm sure it would catch on. .We could get rich and buy a new team.  We could.............................................................................................."

Triffic idea, Mike, different class.

Fr. Megson