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6th January 2005


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Results & Match Reports

Albert Park just edged home in a last question thriller at the Albert Club against the Albert

FCEK got back on course for the top by inflicting a savaging on an understrength X-Pats down at the White Swan

Electric Pigs beat high-flying Ethel Rodin at the Fletcher Moss

Fifth Finger started the New Year in record style with a massive 55 point scoreline (including a perfect 16 for Martin) to overwhelm Snoopy's Friends at the Griffin - Fifth Finger now overtake the History Men to go top of the table

St Caths notched up a comfortable victory at home against the Opsimaths

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week the paper was set by the History Men.  For me it fitted into what I call the "rat-a-tat-tat" category with straightforward questions and answers leading to a snappy quiz that was over in just an hour.  Reactions were pretty favourable - especially from the Fingers (see above) who had a scorefest against the judgeless Snoopy's (I gather Tony is on other duties for the next few Wednesdays).

I leave Gerry the last word on last night's paper:

"Questions not bad but far too many dogs for a rather cowardly Fr. Megson's liking. We did however warm to Rebel who for far too long has been the unsung hero of the 1950s.  Champion The Wonder Horse may have collected all the Oscar nominations but who can deny that Rebel was the real star.  Like his drinking cronies, Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton, Rebel was very much a dog's dog; tough, uncompromising and devilishly handsome.  He liked nothing better than a few or more beers in some low-life kennel followed by a good scrap and, if still standing, some female company.  Hollywood society never quite forgave Ava Gardener for leaving Mickey Rooney for a life with Rebel but who's to say that she got it wrong?.........

I could spend all night talking about Rebel but I've just remembered that I've got a date tonight with two very nice ladies in white coats who have promised to give me a bed bath.  Bye."

The Question of the Week

This week QOTW has been nominated by Albert Park who opted for the "Artie Shaw" pair (Round 5 Questions 1 & 2):

Which actress, nicknamed the "Sweater Girl", was bandleader Artie Shaw's third wife?


Which actress, formerly married to Mickey Rooney, became bandleader Artie Shaw's fifth wife?

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