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24th February 2005


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History Men walloped St Caths to keep their hopes of catching the Fingers at the top of the table alive........just

Fifth Finger marched on with another 50 point tally against the X-Pats - all eyes now on the Finger/FCEK clash next week at the White Swan - can FCEK do the double and give the History Men a chance of the crown?

Snoopy's Friends, with Tony Hammond now back in the fray, lost at home to Ethel Rodin

Opsimaths managed to rouse themselves from their terminal slumber and edge past their local rivals from the Albert Park - for a change therefore, the famous Orkney Dark trophy, that commemorates winners of the Albert Club derby matches over the years, is held by the Opsimaths

and finally...... FCEK kept their slim title hopes alive with a narrow victory over the rising stars from the Albert

Quiz Paper Verdict

The paper this week was set by the Electric Pigs.  An interesting mixture.  The evening started with the 'Can you name 6 of the football teams....' pair that took about 15 minutes.  The next pair took about 30 seconds in total - so plenty of variety there.  Overall it was a fairly long evening but one that certainly didn't drag.

I detected the excellent hand of master-setter Hennessy on a number of occasions but there were clearly a few Donnelly pairs to savour.  If I was to bet on it I'd say that the 'Ernie Hunt/Willie Carr' one (Round 6 Question 4) came from the Donnelly hand given that it concerned Coventry City.  This was our QotW in that it required Clive and Mark from the Park to clear the lounge area to demonstrate the answer.  Jitka (Sparta Prague not having used such techniques) was then obliged to seek expert advice from bystanders as to whether the pair were donkey-kicking or just performing some routine from Swan Lake.

.......and talking of Swans, here is Gerry's verdict:

"The questions were solidly set and not so much paired as shackled together.  Just like the good old days - jumpers for goalposts, Hovis for tea and a damn good thrashing for the kids before dad set off for t'pit via t'pub.  Do I detect the dawning of a neo-Conservative era in Withquiz setting?  An era when ripping the tongue out of a cryptic priest setter and bringing it down to the local barracks will earn you a 5 shilling bounty?  Is the recent spate of moral laxity inspired by Round Britain Quiz on the wane?  I think we should be told."

And as an amusing postscript to this week's paper you need look no further than the program on my computer that interprets the scanned image of the paper to produce a Word document for adding to this site.  This week's paper was impeccably typed and revealed few misinterpretations but the ones that did catch it out were golden.  Reginald Perrin came out as 'Reginald Rerun' whilst Citizen Smith's girlfriend, Shirley, ended up as 'Sturdy'.  And Kenneth Horne's 1960s radio show was the innocuous-sounding Round the Home!!

The Question of the Week

This week QotW has been nominated by the History Men and goes to Round 7 Question 5:

By adding one consonant you can go from the 1988 best actress Oscar winner to a famous English novelist.  Explain.

Click here to see the answers to this and the rest of the week's questions and answers.



No news again. I suspect that our teams have either been binned or, at best, put in the 'wait pen' lest others drop out.  I'll keep you informed.



It seems the limerick fad just won't go away.

John Tolan's muse was reignited this week by Ethel's visit to the badlands of Hough End for their match against Snoopy's.  Here's his latest effort:

The learned recorder of X

Had very small organs of sex.

When charged with exposure,

He replied with composure

"De minimis non curat lex"