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2nd October 2005


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Here we go again!

Gary has done his bit.  The lots have been cast and a new fixture list awaits you on the Fixtures page.  The first round of games is on:

Wednesday October 19th

(thus sidestepping the October 12th England v Poland match at Old Trafford).  The lucky setters for the first week are:

Ethel Rodin

Although the fixture list is new every other aspect of the winter seems set to be much the same.  The same 11 teams playing in the same places.  And I wouldn't mind betting some of the questions will be a little familiar.  Of course that doesn't mean I'll remember the answers this time round any more than I did last season.

There is one slight change to the website.  We have a message board (as you can see above).  The purpose of this is to let you post comments, queries, or even mild abuse without the hand of the webmaster (i.e. me) coming between you and your correspondent/target.  If it works as intended it will enable you to have online conversations with each other.  I expect it to get most use on Thursdays and Fridays as you unload your bile/admiration on the week's setters.  We shall see.  The first contribution to the board following my introductory set up posting were the immortal words of a certain History Man:


I'm hoping for something a little more profound as time goes on.

Here's to another memorable season.  See you all soon.