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20th October 2005


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Results & Match Reports

St Caths kicked their season off strongly, defeating the Opsimaths at the Albert Club (which incidentally has had a major facelift over the summer)

Fifth Finger went straight for the jugular with a win over Snoopy's Friends - though the headlines at the Griffin were dominated by a spectator's attempt to get Kieran and colleagues banned (for being too clever maybe?)

Electric Pigs slipped up at home to Albert Park

FCEK overwhelmed a depleted Albert at Fortress Swan

History Men won a close match with X-Pats just edging home after starting the final round on level pegging

Quiz Paper Verdict

The paper on this first week of the season was set by Ethel Rodin.  Plenty of good questions with the now familiar format of 'half themed and half pot pourri' rounds.  Although this time round the themes were pretty evident so that the connection was just a comfort factor rather than an extra dimension to be unravelled.  At the Albert Club we found the paper's merits/demerits overshadowed by the revelation that Carousel, that most anodyne of Rodgers & Hammerstein musicals, was in fact a celebration of gangsterism (Round 2 Q7).  Or was You'll Never Walk Again a later, alternative version written for Liverpool FC in recognition of Tommy Smith's tackling?

The Question of the Week

The one featuring an assortment of items associated with 1934 (Round 6 Q3) got a mention but the clear favourite was (Round 8 Q3):

The French word for paperclip is the same as the English word for which musical instrument?

Click here to see the answers to this and the rest of the week's questions and answers.

Fr Megson

Fr Megson is out saying his office until further notice

A Chairde,

Fr Megson won't be with you on a regular basis this season as he is still very occupied helping police with their enquiries.  He is beginning to be of the opinion that the local constabulary must be a bit dim because they seem to call round to Fr Megson's luxury penthouse flat opposite the White Swan (no hawkers or do-gooders asking for money for pesky poor people please as a knee in the groin often offends) looking for assistance with their enquiries on virtually a weekly basis these days.

Gretchen, his new and extremely strict housekeeper (www.bigbavarianbabes dot cotton) tried telling them that they should be getting their answers from GOOGLE dot cotton like every other moron on the block but a somewhat politically incorrect Sergeant told her to get the fcek back to Krautland or he'd personally google her with his truncheon which, in Fr. Megson's opinion, was a tad over the top even for a policeman.

Never mind, at least we have no police teams to contend with in our quiz league.  Can you just imagine it?  It would take all night.  First you would have to answer your own question and then you'd have to skip over to the next table and help them with their enquiries and heaven help you if you got their question wrong.  You'd probably end up in gaol for the next 25 seasons which, come to think of it, might be a lot more fun than having to brave the elements every winter Wednesday for the rest of your "life" to turn up in some poxy pub, empty save for two baleful tablefuls of baldy weirdos with an even weirder baldier weirdo (yes, Jitka, I am well aware that you are the exception to the rule) sat in the middle asking them loads of questions about fish and urinating cricketers and whatnot!

Welcome to the new season and may the Lord have mercy on all that sail in her.

Fr. M.