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26th January 2006


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Albert fought out a thrilling tie at the Fletcher Moss against St Caths.  It seems Ivor, as QM, caused some controversy by allowing just 'Dukakis', rather than insisting on 'Olympia Dukakis', in Round 7 Q6.  "What's the point of a theme", quoth Evelyn, "if you don't mention the theme word in the answer?"

Meanwhile at the other end of the Fletcher Moss the Electric Pigs beat Snoopy's Friends by a slender 3 points.

Mad Dogs had a tight fight against Opsimaths at the Griffin but got home in the end.

Ethel Rodin and FCEK played out their derby match over the traditional 1960s White Swan beermats - Meggers' lot winning to retain their place at the top of the table on points difference over the Mad Dogs.

Albert Park fired on all cylinders against X-Pats and eventually won by 7 points.

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week the paper came from the History Men.  All the rounds were titled but in the event only Round 7 had a theme.  At the Griffin we were pretty content with the paper.  Our genial QM, Anthony, ensured that, as visitors, we had a fair crack of the whip.  He even allowed "mouse" rather than "louse" (Round 6 Q8) on the basis that most of the letters in our answer were correct - and in the correct sequence!

Damian commented from the White Swan....

"What can I say except it was another pleasant evening all round at at Le Cygne Blanc which, incidentally, we haven't seen the inside of since before Christmas!  Rest assured, it still has the same manky old beermats that have been there since about 1963!!

Nice paper from the Men of History although certainly not overloaded with history questions and perhaps tending to specialist/obscure categories in one or two cases (the arty-farty music questions of the 70s/80s for instance) but we especially liked the spelling questions and the Churchill quotes.  Not, therefore, a particularly enjoyable night for dyslexics and Churchill haters. 

Highlight of the night: Roz's enthusiastic pronunciations of the Robbie Burns' questions.  This is a lady who knows her 'neaps from her tatties'!

Just one note of controversy on the question about the country that hosted the world cup for the SECOND time.  The answer was given as Mexico but research suggests they were actually the FIRST and Italy was the SECOND.  In order of occurrence, the only three to date to host it twice, are: 

1. Mexico  1970 and 1986

2. Italy       1934 and 1990

3. France   1938 and 1998

I think a certain irate Irish clergyman may want to vent his feelings about this to Ivor and co. (a nice single malt should soothe his ire!)."

The Question of the Week

The vote this week goes to Round 1 Q1:

Of which Prime Minister did Winston Churchill remark:

"The candle in the great turnip has gone out"?

Click here to see the answers to this and the rest of the week's questions and answers.


The new series of Albert Club monthly quizzes starts this coming Monday (30th).  I have been hard at work this last week preparing the questions and pondering over some innovative formats to brighten up your evenings.  For better or worse I'm going to try using my laptop and a projector to make the whole thing more colourful and animated.  I have also injected the idea of a real toughie question called the "Brainbreaker" with a £10 prize (that rolls over to next month if nobody gets it right).  Come along and see what you think.  It starts at 8.15pm.

Also remember there is a quiz in aid of Francis House on February 6th at the Fletcher Moss.  Andrew Simcock writes.....

"The idea originated with one of the bartenders who is training to become a publican and asked Ken, the landlord, if he could organise the event as a project (for the aficionados amongst you that means it is NOT a Frankie quiz!).  All those who are interested please turn up on February 6th and we will set up the teams of four by drawing names out of a hat. 

Please let me know if you’d like to join in - and if you’re turning up with someone else.  I’ll make more detailed arrangements in due course.

Regards, Andrew"

You will have noted that I have capitulated to Kieran and colleagues and -midseason - changed Fifth Finger's name to the Mad Dogs (being the convenient form of their chosen new name 'Three Mad Dogs and a Cherry').  The realisation that Microsoft's 'Find/Replace' instruction would make this but a few minutes work did help me in my decision I have to say.

Was I right?  What sort of confusion will this cause?  Which one is the cherry?  As I made my annual Opsimathic visit to the Griffin last night these questions and many more flooded my brain.

Well - despite repeated interrogation - Kieran, Barry, Martin, Michael and Anthony (who was QMing) were tight lipped.  All we could glean was that the Cherry rotates.  When I suggested to Anthony that, as the 'bench player/QM' he had been missed out of the new team name (unlike the old name where he had clearly been fingered as the fifth one) and that he should be very miffed, he was admirably stony-faced. 

So, as we left the Griffin we were none the wiser.  I can't help thinking that I have been too soft.  Would the Premiership have accepted Manchester City as '10 Mad Dogs and a Cherry' straight after Christmas?  And, anyway, wouldn't it have been '11 Cherries and a Mad Dog'?

.....and on a similar tack, Pam Siddons has been in touch to update the Team History page in respect of the Midland/Railway team.  Any other recollections very welcome.