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23rd March 2006


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The Mad Dogs were matched point for point until half time by the Albert - but in the second half they strolled off into the sunset.

St Caths lost at home to third placed History Men.

Electric Pigs and Ethel Rodin enjoyed a close run thing at the Fletcher Moss with Ethel just coming out on top by a single point.

Snoopy's Friends beat X-Pats by a paltry (OK, John?) 8 points.

FCEK and Albert Park slugged it out down at the Stadium of Murk to produce yet another tie - this time momentous since it seals the fate of the league title.  As you can see above the Mad Dogs are now home and dry.  A gracious Gerry Collins writes:

"No Fr. Megson this week as he is currently under sedation following last night's nailbiting draw with Albert Park. The dropped point now of course means that FCEK can no longer aspire to wrest the league title from the Rabid Muts.  Dave Rainford who scored the final 2 pointer to tie the match kept apologising profusely for this but no need really for apologies.  We have had a really good season and, considering the lacklustre input of our somewhat inept clerical manager, we can and do feel proud to have run the Dogs so close.  Maybe NEXT season eh?  But, a plea to all the other teams out there - we need them to start taking points home from the Griffin.  Rise up and lose your inhibitions.  Get a big stick next season and BEAT THE DOGS.

In the meantime please convey our flag of surrender to Kieran via the website and let FCEK be the first to congratulate them on yet another outstanding league campaign."

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week the paper came from the Opsimaths.  I was QM-ing at the Griffin and escaped without any major complaints.  The 'Victoria' link question could have been worded better, and my obsession with mid 20th century Gershwin/Carmichael songs fell on stony ground - but all in all the reception seemed fairly favourable.  Brian's 'Brewery Round' was well received - especially by Kieran, who was sitting immediately below a big Holts poster when asked what an otter's den was called!

Gerry's take on the paper as received at the White Swan nailbiter.....

'A really enjoyable quiz paper last night' was the verdict of both teams at the Stadium Of Murk.  I think our drawn match pays sufficient homage to the balance and fairness.

Some personal reflections:

2 really excellent questions which would have done justice to Round Britain Quiz i.e the paired link questions answering to Stanley and Victoria - take a bow whoever set these.  Many other excellent questions too numerous to recall - though I might do when I sober up.

A mild weakness (scuse the pun) in the Brewers' round.  Excellent idea but a tad (caster) too obvious e.g. the Holts and Robinsons questions.  Britain is full of many excellent independent breweries which you should have been brave enough to use.  You were getting into the swing of it right at the end when you introduced the Abbey brewery so I will refrain from using corporal punishment this time.

I like football questions but abhor football sponsorship questions.  I watch most of my football on Radio 5 Live - I find it very soothing and its quite easy to drift off to sleep well before West Brom inevitably go 2 - 0 down.  Alan Green et al are very adept at painting pictures with their voices but fortunately they are not allowed to say things like "wonderful play from the guy in the Vodaphone shirt".  Long may these various acolytes of Mammon remain anonymous!!

Finally, and here I really will have to use the cane, I'm afraid our poetry teacher at school always taught us to resist the urge to rhyme Lundy and Bundy with Perks.  Do our learned Opsimaths have a valid excuse for disobeying this stricture?

And finally apologies from me for the Grundy boob.  I never listen to the Archers and misread some info. on the website I found.  Serves me right!!

The Question of the Week

This week the winner has been chosen by the History Men and goes to Round 4 Q8:

Which rhyming words identify: the scene of Alan Wells’ greatest triumph, a big-serving American tennis player who was ranked fourth in the world in 1979, and a character in Collins’ Woman in White?

Click here to see the answers to this and the rest of the week's questions and answers.


Dogs home & dry!!

Now the FCEK result is in (a nailbiting tie - see below) the fate of the league title is clear.  The Mad Dogs are this year's Withquiz league champions.  Well done Kieran, Barry, Martin, Michael and Anthony on another outstanding season.  And well done too to FCEK and the History Men for making sure it wasn't a one-horse race.


Albert Club Monthly Quizzes

Next Monday (27th March) sees the 3rd in this new series of social quizzes.  Plenty of good questions asked in interesting ways (pictures on the big screen, sound rounds, etc.).  Do come along.  You'll be very welcome.