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1st November 2006


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Results & Match Reports

Albert were steamrollered by the Electric Pigs who were straining at the leash in their first game of the season

Ethel Rodin beat Albert Park at the Stadium of Murk

Opsimaths, sharpened by their new close season 'youth policy' acquisition, Howell, upset the form book by beating 2 FCEKs

X-Pats notched up their first victory of the campaign against Snoopy's Friends

Quiz Paper Verdict

The Napier Girls set this week's paper.  A pretty mixed bag veering towards the hard end of the scale.  Some devilish picture questions (negatives of celebrities) and a last round that seemed very much weighted towards the team that went second in the second half.  I guess everybody had a problem with Round 5 Question 8 when 1971 (rather than 1970) was given as the answer to the "in which year did Chelsea win the FA Cup question".  To their credit 2 FCEKs allowed the Opsimaths a spare question when we got this one right/wrong.

The Question of the Week

Having been a little sniffy in my review of the paper above I must say I liked the Muses Round - so this week the award goes to....

The whole of Round 3.

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I will be going on holiday to Oz to watch the Ashes and celebrate my 6oth from late November onwards.  After 7 years of continuous webmastering FCEK John Dennison has kindly offered to step into my shoes and keep the website going while I'm away.

From a week next Wednesday (i.e. matches taking place on Wednesday 15th) onwards please ring him (0161-445-1522 or 078136-109870) or email him (Johndennisonco@aol.com) with results, comments, etc.

I will be back in February by which time I expect the Opsimaths to have clinched the league title!!

Fr Megson

A Night of Mystical Fervour at the Bowling Club

Fr. Megson's trousers visibly sagged last night at the Bowling Club as crisis club 2 FCEKs sank without trace against seasoned campaigners Opsimaths.  It was only the Ladybarn side's first away defeat of the season but, ominously, it was also their first away match of the season and the Landlord has given Fr. Megson just seven days to improve his team's performance or he will be looking for a new taproom for the rest of the season.

"I thought our players tried very hard tonight", said an ashen-faced Fr. Megson.  "I thought our build-up play was very promising but unfortunately our final answers left a lot to be desired.  It's ironic really - I have been telling the buggers for years now that they need to be more positive and the first time they heeded my advice was in that bloody picture round last night when a bit of negativity was called for.

I think the Opsimaths deserved to beat us last night though obviously it is always easier to win when you are on drugs.  That new bloke, Howell, was obviously pumped up on something that isn't normally available at the bar in the Albert Club.....and he's far too old for an adrenalin rush.  Are you sure, Mike, that his name is spelt Howell?  Isn't there a welsh word HWYL that is impossible to translate into Sassenach but roughly means "an almost mystical fervour"?  There is no equivalent word in the Irish language either although, in fairness, we do have Riverdance and the music of Daniel O' Donnell.

Question of the week for me was when Mike asked me "would you like a Talisker?"