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15th November 2006


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Electric Pigs fought valiantly against History Men but eventually succumbed in a tight game at the Fletcher Moss.

Opsimaths eventually outpointed Ethel Rodin in another nailbiter at the Albert Club.

An understrength 2 FCEKs team (barely 1 FCEKs) were never a match for an occasionally inspired Napier Girls.

X-Pats beat Albert in another very close game at the Sun in September.

Quiz Paper Verdict

Albert Park have acquired a reputation for setting interesting and sometimes inspired quizzes.  However this week's offering was generally received as a bit of a curate's egg with effusive praise from most quarters for the picture rounds, but general condemnation of the quotations round.  In fairness I think it should be pointed out that this round had no effect on the outcome of games. Napier Girls were particularly keen on the picture round linked to US presidents which provided a slightly new perspective on a well established format.

The Question of the Week

The vote this week goes to Round 4 Question 7:

Who invented the pie chart?

Click here to see the answers to this and the rest of the week's questions and answers


I think we all appreciate just what a tremendous job Mike Bath has done in creating, developing and regularly updating the website over the last 7(?) years.  It now falls to me to keep it going for a couple of months whilst he goes to Australia to be fitted out with his bus pass and walking stick.

Please feel free to contact me should you find any errors or omissions, but please be gentle - it's a hard act to follow.

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Fr Megson

Crisps & Pork Scratchings

A Chairde,

Anyone who has ever sampled the crisps or pork scratchings at The Bowling Club will know that it is a great place to eat.  Albert and his sous-chefs duly served up 7 courses of flavoursome haute-cuisine last night....... and one dish of poison dog's bane that was the quotations round.

Now listen, mes petits Alberts, nobody cooks up a more nutritional quizset than you lot but this round was off.  The rest was brilliant but this round should have been thrown to the feral squirrels out the back.  The only thing to be said in its favour is that it was off for both teams here last night ....and I suspect for all teams.  Between ourselves and Napier Girls - which must surely come to a combined brain cell count of at least  a hundred - we notched up the combined total of deux points in this round.  Maybe it was just a bon mot too far for us two old warhorses and if so I will call around later to shower you with abject kisses of apology.....let's hope it doesn't come to that!

"Who said?" questions are OK in small measures. Normally you either know them or you don't.  But I feel that there should always be something in the content or the context of the quote that gives a foothold to the drowning person....something to hang onto before that fateful leap into the dark with a desperate cry of OSCAR WILDE  on your ashen lips.  Not so last night.  The setters chucked us into a well of Nietzschean profundity, sadistically applied vaseline to the sides and sat back to listen for the splash.....there were few survivors.

I was going to ask for a War Crimes Commission to be set up but our new webmaster, Ivan Denisovich, is frantically pointing at his watch.  He had his laptop confiscated many years ago in the Gulag so he may well have to copy this website out in longhand and drop it off at your houses tonight.   Please check your position in the League table carefully as his addition tends to suffer when he has had a few pints.  I have already checked 2FCEKS tally.  Well done Ivan - 4+0 does indeed equal 4.

Father Megson