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10th January 2007


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History Men romped home at a canter against out of form Snoopy's Friends, just failing to clock up the half century at the Red Lion.

Ethel Rodin very nearly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory at the Stadium of Murk where a bemused 2 FCEKs were left wondering what if.....

X-Pats got back to winning ways at the Sun In September with an excellent home win against Opsimaths.

Albert Park scored an excellent away victory over Electric Pigs at the Fletcher Moss by virtue of which they lift themselves clear of the bottom of the table.

Napier Girls produced another emphatic performance against Albert, sharing joint top score for the round with History Men.

Quiz Paper Verdict

The Guest setter this week can now be revealed as Gerry Hennessy.  Although I think many quizzers had worked this out from the style of the questions.  The paper has received universal acclaim and I think it is only fair to thank Gerry for not only producing an excellent (and high scoring) paper , but doing so at very short notice.  Hopefully we will have lots of positive feedback on the Message Board.

The Question of the Week

The vote this week goes to Round 8 Question  6:

1002 is Virgin Megastores, 1005 is Robert Owen, 1017 is Bury Hospice and 2004 is Salford Lads Club.  Of which feature of Manchester dating from 1992 are these examples?

Click here to see the answers to this and the rest of the week's questions and answers.


Fr Megson seems to have got his wish with an extremely active Message Board over the last week. I would venture to suggest that the Message Board can also be used to praise as well as to condemn although human nature would seem to support the "good news is no news" theory.  I live in hope.

There appears to have been a slight error on the contact page which has meant some emails going astray (I blame Mr Bath).  For future reference please submit results and question papers to :-