The Withington Pub Quiz League


17th January 2007


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Results & Match Reports

In an extremely close match at the Fletcher Moss Snoopy's Friends just shaded Albert for an extremely good away win.

Ethel Rodin were never in the hunt against a rampant Napier Girls at the Stadium of Murk.  The Girls scored a second half-century of the season.

History Men just outscored Albert Park at the Red Lion to keep up a challenge at the top of the table.

X-Pats continued a winning streak to leave 2 FCEKs in free fall without a win in 2007.

Quiz Paper Verdict

Is it the hand of Gerry Hennessy again or should the plaudits be divided equally amongst the Pigs?  Without wishing to comment in any way on this week's paper, I think it is fair to comment that the paper produced 3 extremely close games as well as some good scores.  The message board already bears testament some very positive appraisals.

Stop Press

Emails are pouring in to confirm that the responsibility for this week's paper is shared by all 7 Pigs.  See the Message Board for details.

The Question of the Week

The vote this week goes to Round 8 Question 2:

There have been several post war films about Tombstone and Wyatt Earp.  Name three of the seven actors to have played him.

Click here to see the answers to this and the rest of the week's questions and answers.


As my extremely enjoyable (not to say time-consuming) temporary webmastership comes to a close, I'm pleased to be able to say that all appears well with the Withington Quiz League.  It's heartening to know that so many individuals are prepared to spend so much time and effort on a fairly esoteric pursuit (and are happy to down so much alcohol along the way).  Long live the the British amateur spirit (although it's a shame our cricket team seem to share the same philosophy).

Having said which, I wonder whether Mike Bath will bring back lots of Australian professionalism from the Antipodes. No doubt we'll find out in the very near future.

John Dennison