The Withington Pub Quiz League


31st January 2007


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Results & Match Reports

A great 'levelling' night for the league as the bottom 3 teams all won at home - whilst the 2 teams at the top sat it out.

A 'Daveless' Albert Park marmalised Ethel Rodin in a quiz that the ladies regarded as "far too poppy and sporty".

Electric Pigs, who have somehow contrived to occupy the trestle position, stormed home against the Albert.

2 FCEKs, who went into this evening's games without a win in 2007, scored a comfortable victory over the mercurial Opsimaths at the Stadium of Murk.

Snoopy's Friends, enjoying a home game at last, edged a welcome victory over the high-flying X-Pats.

Quiz Paper Verdict

Napier Girls set this week.  Some good material and an excellent picture round that got universal praise.  Personally, however, I'm not sure they executed their themes satisfactorily.  To ensure a themed round works OK the key is the instruction at the start (which is why it is so important that the QM reads it out clearly - and disastrous if they accidentally overlook it).  The instruction at the start of Round 5 that "There is a loose link between the answers to Rounds 5 and 8" set various hares running in my head which spoiled my enjoyment of the rest of the quiz.  In the event the link was merely that each answer contained the name of a post-war UK or US politician of note.  Why not say just that?

Having said this I was a lone complaining voice at the SoM.  Fr M and his colleagues were quite happy and didn't seem to be looking for anything more subtle in the Round 5/8 link.  Perhaps I take these things too seriously?

For me the real wow factor last night was provide by Fr M when he knew that the second city of Ecuador was Guayaquil.  Anyone else get this?

The Question of the Week

Andrew and the Pigs opted for the whole Picture Round (Round 4).  I have narrowed it down by plumping for Question 2:

Who features in this electronically distorted picture?

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