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7th February 2007


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The top two teams (the Girls and the Men) returned to the fray, both winning - meanwhile the dogfight lower down continues to ebb and flow

Albert enjoyed a comfortable home win at the Fletcher Moss against Albert Park

History Men were behind for most of the match against Ethel Rodin but just nicked it thanks to some luck with Quaggas and John Paul Sartre

Snoopy's Friends lost at home to the all-conquering Napier Girls

2 FCEKs had a nailbiting finish against Electric Pigs but just clung on to win by a couple of points

Quiz Paper Verdict

Opsimaths set this week.  To get away from the normal chuntering that goes on in these spaces and, bowing to the spirit of free speech, I throw the floor open to Kieran and the Girls to comment on the paper:

"Generally excellent - we were getting caned at half time (we went second first) and then it reversed in the second half so a very well balanced paper.

High scoring and most questions were at least guessable so a thumbs up definitely.

Question of the week was the entire Manchester pubs round. Strangely both teams scored heavily on that and, being Mancunian, it was much more accessible than its progenitor from our opponents."

The Question of the Week

Despite the comments above from Kieran, the vote this week goes to Round 5 Question 6 which completely defeated Fr M and the massed bands of Irish WithQuizzers:

Ignoring Northern Ireland, Donegal borders just one other Irish county.  Which is it?

Click here to see the answers to this and the rest of the week's questions and answers.

Fr Megson

Voting Has Now Closed

A Chairde,

The BBC's Goal Of The Season may still be up for grabs but the much more prestigious award for The Withquiz Round Of The Season was conclusively and effortlessly snapped up last night by the Opsimaths with their foot-faultless stagger through the heart of Manchester's publand.

It wasn't just the perfectly judged subject matter - any team that felt this round fell outside the range of their knowledge would seriously have to consider asking themselves just why they are playing in a Manchester-based pub quiz league - it was also the entertaining penmanship and the innate fairness of its construction.  It may have claimed inspiration from an earlier stroll through the Streets of London with Ralph and Tony but, whereas Snoopy's quite imaginative offering courted (no pun intended) controversy by wandering out of our manor, this one succeeded because the setter knew his audience and he knew what they would appreciate being asked.  In short he remembered to keep it a local quiz for local drunks....PERFECT.

The other seven rounds may not have been perfect but were nevertheless very enjoyable.  The reason for the mysterious Australian connection may never become apparent to anybody who claims to have seen Mike B. out paddling on his holidays in Blackpool on Christmas Day.  It became so pervasive throughout the evening that 2 FCEKs were fooled into thinking that that obscure road built by the Romans ran between Melbourne and Hobart ...and quite an engineering feat that would have been!

In the end the Piggies of Wrath proved to be unwiser than the Horses of Fcekin' Instruction, but only by the width of a dead dingo's donger.  Seeing such a strong squad as Gary's Seven Pillars of Wisdom languishing near the foot of the table comes as much of a shock to the system as seeing Charles and Camilla wandering round the mean streets of Gorton..... perhaps both parties are only there for the beer.


Fr. Megson