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7th March 2007


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To all intents and purposes tonight's results seal the league title in favour of the Girls.  Another truly awesome season for them, beaten just once (and pretty thoroughly, if I recollect right, by the Opsimaths) they have earned our respect for knowing more but, more importantly, not flaunting it.  Well done them yet again!!

Opsimaths lost a close match at home to the Electric Pigs - and good to see Copland back amongst us as an honorary Opsimath for the evening

Snoopy's Friends edged a close-fought match at The Didsbury against Ethel Rodin

2 FCEKs beat the History Men at the Stadium of Murk in the highest scoring match of the evening - and, as a consequence, leapfrog the Men into second place (albeit having played one game more)

X-Pats lost at the Sun in September to the title-clinching Napier Girls

Quiz Paper Verdict

Albert set this week.  Aggregate scores were on the low side and first bits of feedback are not altogether favourable.  Kieran commented that in the Napier Girls/X-Pats match there were 20 questions unanswered out of 64 - which is too high a proportion.  What's more, 13 of these went to the X-Pats (who went second in the first half) which seemed pretty unfair.

I came to the paper late having been at Old Trafford watching the football and found it tough but with plenty of interest.  For example the one about the first city to host the summer Olympics twice struck me as a good standard brain teaser.  Easy in hindsight, of course, when you're looking at the answer.

The Question of the Week

Snoopy's vote this week goes to Round 8 Question 6:

One of the recently deceased Sheridan Morley's biographical subjects helped by giving him two sets of phone numbers, divided into friends and enemies, and then said: "Start with the enemies....and then you'll get a better book".  Who was it that said this?

Click here to see the answers to this and the rest of the week's questions and answers.


Gary D has now worked out the Cup fixtures for this year and you will find them on the fixtures page.  Headlines are:

  • Both Cup and Plate being contested, as is the tradition

  • First round matches to be played on April 4th

  • No break for Easter

  • Cup & Plate Finals on May 2nd (at the Albert Club if the finalists wish it)

  • End of Season evening at Albert Club May 9th


On a less happy note, I hear that Mike Heale is quite unwell at the moment in Wythenshawe Hospital.  Best wishes, Mike, from all your quizzing mates.

Fr Megson

Galway Love

Fr Megson can't be arsed to write a sermon this week.  Talk amongst yourselves for the next week and read this interesting newspaper item featuring Megson's kid brother who, like his more street-wise sibling, would appear to be blessed with a fair modicum of animal magnetism.      



Fr M