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25th August 2007


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The WIST Cup

If you remember, one of the ideas floating around as we finished the last WithQuiz season was playing an inter-league match against the Stockport Quiz League. 

Well this week I met up with some representatives of the Stockport League and agreed that we would field a WithQuiz team of 6 on:

Wednesday September 12th at 8.15pm

 at Heaton Moor RUFC on Green Lane in Heaton Moor

Below I explain what we agreed – both this pre-season friendly and the notion of a ‘Champions Knockout’ Cup between the top 4 teams of the 2 leagues from last season.  This latter competition wouldn’t start until just before Christmas so we have a bit of time to get used to the idea. 

For September 12th my thought is that each of our teams should nominate a player for the League Team (we can substitute players at half time so everyone who wants should get a game).  I have asked Gerry Collins (Fr M) to undertake our half of the question-setting and QMing.  Hope this is OK - and that he can do it!!

Team Captains could you please:

  • Let me have the name of your team’s nomination for the league side by the end of next week (Friday 31st August)

  • Let all the members of your team know the details and invite them to turn up to lend support – you never know it might get rough and we might need a bit of muscle!!


Stockport Quiz League – Withington Quiz League


Following various contacts over the past few months (not least of which was a team from Stockport nicking our End of Season Quiz Evening prizes) we have agreed to have some inter-league quizzing in the 2007/8 season: 1) a pre-season inter-league one-off game (to be called the WIST Cup) and 2) a short WIST Champions League tournament to take place during the coming season.



Wednesday September 12th 8.15pm at Heaton Moor RUFC on Green Lane, Heaton Moor.

Each league will select a team of 6 players.  Half the quiz will be Stockport-style rounds and half WithQuiz-style.  Each league will be responsible for setting the rounds that are in their own style.  Each league will provide a QM for their own questions.  I suggest that as many substitutions as teams wish may be made at half time.  And, of course, as many spectators as possible!!


WIST Champions League

Quarter Finals on the Wednesday before Christmas (when both leagues traditionally have a blank week).

Semi Finals on the Wednesday around Easter (again when both leagues traditionally have a blank week).

Final just before the End of Season evening.

The top 4 teams from the respective leagues from the 2006/7 season will play off with Quarter Finals being:

1.      Stockport top team (Chunky) at home to WithQuiz 4th placed team (Opsimaths)

2.      Stockport 2nd placed team (Alexandra) at home to WithQuiz 3rd placed team (History Men)

3.      WithQuiz 2nd placed team (2 FCEKs) at home to Stockport 3rd placed team (Traveller’s Call)

4.      WithQuiz top team (Napier Girls) at home to Stockport’s 4th placed team (Tiviot)

Semi Finals being:

1.      Winners of Game 1 at home to the winners of Game 3

2.      Winners of Game 4 at home to the winners of Game 2

Teams would be 4-a-side with questions Stockport-style in the 2007/8 season and WithQuiz-style in the 2008/9 season.

Other details (question setting, QMs, etc) to be sorted out nearer the time.


Question Formats & Scoring


Each quiz has four rounds. There are no individual questions.

Round 1 consists of thirty ‘paired’ questions which are asked to each team alternately. Teams score two points for a correct answer. In the event of a wrong answer the question will be offered to the other team for the chance to score a ‘bonus’ point.

Round 2 consists of ten questions. Both teams must provide written answers for all ten questions. If both teams give a correct answer they score one point each, if only one team answers correctly they score two points.

Rounds 3 and 4 are of the same format as rounds 1 and 2.


8 rounds of 8 questions with questions asked in turn to the 4 individuals on each team.  Scoring is 2 points without conferring, one point if conferred, and one point to the opposing team on a handover. 


Further Information on the Stockport Quiz League

More details about question-styles, league rules, teams, contact details, venues, etc can be found at:  http://uk.geocities.com/mjwcb@btinternet.com