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10th October 2007


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Another season underway with scores and results very much echoing last season's final league positions.

The Results

Albert went down at the Fletcher Moss to last year's League and Cup winners, the Napier Girls

Ethel Rodin were beaten at the White Swan in the evening's closest encounter by Snoopy's Friends

History Men romped home against the Electric Pigs at a curiously quiet Red Lion (all the smokers had retreated outside to drink under canvas)

The Men They Couldn't Hang lost their inaugural home match at the Parr's Wood Hotel to Albert Park

X-Pats went down to the Charabancs of Fire at The Sun in September in the evening's heaviest defeat.  Damian writes:

"An oddly lop-sided result - no doubt due to the fact that the X-Patters seemed uneasy with endless questions about FTSE-100 registered companies, the origins of obscure imperial weight measurements and the 1900 World Atlas!  Our guesses seemed a bit more inspired!

So, an auspicious start to the season for our newly revamped image with the attention-grabbing new name!  Well at least it's reduced Father M's swearing.  He has been much chastened ever since his PC was confiscated by the Fuzz but we feel confident that the website 'Catholic Girls In Action' was indeed a commentary on the pious and holy missionary work of the Sisters of Mercy in the Third World and nothing whatsoever to do with the filthy and libellous accusations levelled at the reverend Father by those base-minded coppers and their sidekicks!"

The Paper

The Opsimaths set for this first week of the new season.  A very wide spread of scores - from X-Pats 15 to the Girls 50 - doesn't look too clever.  Obviously a paper that suited some, and very much didn't suit others.  At the Parr's Wood (where I spent my evening as a  spectator) I think it fair to say The Men TCH were still adjusting to the highways and byways of the Withquiz style of paper.  By the way, they have an excellent QM (Jill) who entertained us throughout the evening with candid comments on the questions and their merit as the paper unfolded.  However, when asked by the Park, she denied having any Czech relatives.  When the 'Panama palindrome' question came up both teams agreed after a few minutes of contemplation that it fitted into the CBA (Can't be arsed) category and requested the answer so that they could move on and live the rest of their lives.  Mea Culpa!!  Did anyone manage to get this one right?

The Question of the Week

This week coach passenger Damian has nominated Round 1 Question 6:

Which is the only ever top ten hit with a palindromic title, sung by a group with a palindromic name?

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