The Withington Pub Quiz League


21st November 2007


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The Girls march on in a high-scoring evening as every away team wins

2 stalwarts (Mike O'Brien and Ivor Cartmill) notch up 'perfect' 8 2s

The Results

Albert Park slipped further losing at home to Albert for whom Mike O'Brien scored his first ever 'perfect' 8 2s

Electric Pigs down to 3 men just failed at home against Charabancs of Fire

History Men lost a high scoring match at home to the Napier Girls despite Ivor (like Mike above) getting a straight set of 8 2s

The Men TCH lost at the Parrs Wood to the Opsimaths whilst the rest of the pub decided that a home defeat at the hands of Croatia was more interesting

X-Pats dropped the points playing at home to Ethel Rodin

The Paper

Snoopy's Friends set this week.  What a surprise!!  A real populist - and popular - paper from Snoopy's.  Loads of approbation (that's AP-probation, Tony) from all venues.  As a result we had our highest scoring evening so far this season with an average aggregate of 76.2 points per match.  Some feedback:

Mary (Albert): "Very enjoyable quiz"

Kieran (Girls): "Great quiz QM'd by Tony.  Many thanks to Snoopy's.  Never more than a couple of points in it until half way through the last round.  A thoroughly enjoyable evening."

Roddy (Ethel): "Overall not a bad quiz"  (praise indeed from Ethel!!)

The Question of the Week

This week Roddy from Ms Rodin votes for Round 4 Question 8:

In AD 391, in China, the Bureau of Imperial Supplies began producing this for use solely by the Emperors.  Each item measured two feet by three feet.  Now we all use it (or should).  What is it?

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