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28th November 2007


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The Girls open up a 4 point lead at the top of the table whilst nearest rivals the History Men set - 3rd and 4th placed teams (Charabancs and Opsimaths) slug it out at the Albert Club.

The Results

Albert have had to cry off their match against X-Pats due to personal commitments - so they have conceded the points

Napier Girls notched up a comfortable home win over Albert Park

Opsimaths clattered to defeat at home against Charabancs of Fire

Snoopy's Friends just edged it against Electric Pigs

The Men TCH tumbled to a 20 point defeat at home against Ethel Rodin

The Paper

History Men set this week.  A pretty good paper by all accounts with aggregate scores at the high end of the range.  Kieran writes:

"Pretty good quiz, though the stuff about Mary Queen of Scots' companions, the Roman emperors, and the colours of the Google logo and the Olympic rings were rubbish.

I would have voted question of the week as the one about the states adjoining Colorado, simply because, for the second week running, the Girls' geography geek worked out all three of them, and this without Barry playing (he was QMing).

However the democratic vote went to the Byron/Shelley pair.  I was informed by Clive that Ada married Charles Babbage.  I still love finding new things out on a Wednesday night!

The best bit about the Shelley question was that when told of his debauchery and his penchant for 16 year olds, all the boys bar one said:  'What a lad - good on yer' etc.   Cheryl, on the other hand, and quite correctly, said 'What a bastard!'

Well you pays your money.........."

At the Club, both teams agreed that the paper was the foundation for a thoroughly enjoyable evening - especially with Ivor himself on hand to translate.  Matches against the Charabancs usually leave a good taste in the mouth - as do papers set by the History Men.  So double joy - sadly tempered by defeat!!

The Question of the Week

This week (according to Tony from Snoopy's) the vote goes to Round 1 Question 1:

Which iconic fictional characters live at 62 West Wallaby Street, Wigan?

Click here to see the answers to this and the rest of the week's questions and answers.


WIST Champions Cup

As most of you know the time is rapidly approaching (December 19th to be precise) when the top 4 WithQuiz teams from last season slug it out with the top 4 from last season's Stockport Quiz league's competition in the Quarter Final of the WIST Champions Cup competition.

I have agreed that this year Champions Cup matches will be played with the Stockport-style of question paper but that (for the Quarter Final matches on December 19th at least) WithQuiz teams will do the setting.  So fairly soon I will be descending on a non-top 4 team (or two) to provide some questions.

The Stockport format is defined below (in an extract from their excellent website):

The first thirty questions in each half are to be answered orally by each team alternately. If a team fails to answer correctly, the question is put to their opponents (as a ‘bonus’). Two points are awarded for a correct answer to a team’s own question and one point for a bonus. Teams are allowed thirty seconds to answer a question (this time starts when the QM has finished reading the question). If a question is asked as a bonus, an additional ten seconds are given to the second team to answer.  

For the last ten questions in each half both teams must provide written answers. If both teams answer correctly they each score one point.  If only one team answers correctly they score two points. Teams are given 30 seconds to answer each question. Once all 10 questions have been asked teams may ask the QM to repeat any they wish to hear again.

So 4 rounds of 30, then 10, then 30, then 10 questions.  No individual questions - everything conferred.

On December 19th the Charabancs and the Girls play at home (will the delicate Stockport disposition be able to withstand the gloom of the White Swan?) whilst the History Men play away at The Alexandra in Edgeley (http://uk.geocities.com/mjwcb@btinternet.com/teams/alex.htm) and the Opsimaths play away at the Pineapple Inn just under the viaduct in the middle of Stockport (http://uk.geocities.com/mjwcb@btinternet.com/teams/chunky.htm).

It would be great if a few non-participants could turn up to support.

More details nearer the time.