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13th February 2008


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With the Girls on setting duty, the History Men and the Opsimaths take the opportunity to make up a bit of ground on the leaders

The Results

Charabancs of Fire lost a cliffhanger to Ethel Rodin in the Stadium of Murk derby - Damian writes:

"Yep, it was another cliffhanger with the Charas' s 6 point lead at half time completely wiped out by the end of the second half.  It's a good job our reverend captain was away on his annual sojourn to the Auld Sod or we might have been treated to yet another tirade of Gaelic/Balkan phrases uttered in an incomprehensible accent that wandered somewhere between Manchester and Enniskillen! 

Fortunately, we were able to field our resident sub Tony, or the margin of defeat could have been more embarrassing.  Since we were without a QM, Napier Girl Barry did the honours."

Electric Pigs continued their stellar form of 2008 beating the Albert Park - since their ritual thrashing by the Girls just after Christmas, the Pigs have won 5 out of the last 6 matches (just missing out against The Men TCH)

History Men won a close run thing at the Red against X-Pats

Opsimaths returned to form beating Snoopy's Friends at the Club

The Men TCH tied a thriller against Albert - as TMTCH's Dave put it:

"The ageing punks finally attain some degree of respectability coming from behind to snatch a 37-37 draw"

The Paper

Napier Girls set this week.  A pretty good paper was the verdict from the Friends v Opsimaths match (for the sentence you'll have to ask Judge H).  The piccies were of variable hardness and, it seemed to us, not evenly paired.  How Howell got the Taj Mahal I'll never know!!

At the Red this was Ivor's summing up:

"A close, high scoring game.  The questions went down well - with the themes being well crafted. The pictures were a bit variable in difficulty - we are still unsure how the Taj Mahal was turned into a coffee swirl."

At the Stadium of Murk Damian's comments were:

"In general a pretty good paper from the Girls - though we thought the picture round pairing a little wanting at times (we could all shout out Amy Winehouse and Sydney Opera House while scratching our bonces for considerable lengths of time to figure out the others).  Full marks for the idea though."

The Pigs and Park certainly liked the paper notching up a massive aggregate of 88 between them!  Indeed the aggregate scores everywhere were high making the average aggregate across all the matches the highest of the season so far - just topping the 80 mark.  Although we all like a few good puzzlers there is nothing to beat the 'end of the evening' feeling of having got plenty of the answers right.

The Question of the Week

I particularly liked the theme in Round 5 (being a Londoner at heart) and so my vote goes to Round 5 Question 8:

Of which famous building is this a description:

Designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, its construction took place between 1929 and 1939.  It is the largest brick building in Europe?

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