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27th February 2008


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The Girls march on - the Charabancs creep above the Opsimaths

The Results

Albert Park went down comprehensively at the Gateway to the Napier Girls

Charabancs of Fire enhanced their claims for a place in next year's WIST Champions Cup by beating nearest rivals the Opsimaths

Electric Pigs cantered home against Snoopy's Friends

Ethel Rodin kept up their WIST challenge with a comfortable victory over The Men TCH.  TMTCH's One Eyed Hanging Jim is still a relative newcomer to our scene.  Why else would he think the following surprising?

"At the Stadium of Murk, having been unable to get a shandy (there was no lemonade) I asked for a bottle of Kaliber.  How far past it's 'Best By...' date do you think the bottle was?  Over 13 months (best by 30/01/07)!!  EXCELLENT !!"

X-Pats chalked up a comfortable home victory over Albert at the league's top rated venue, the Sun in September

The Paper

History Men set this week.  Is Godthaab further north than Reykjavik?  What's the difference between a 12 bore question and a plain old 6 bore question?  How come Roisin knew so much about early 19th century Eton v Harrow cricket matches?  These remain mysteries to me.  Nevertheless everybody thought it an excellent quiz.  Round 2 was an octet horribilis (like last week) but otherwise full marks (though not to the Opsimaths I hasten to add) - and special congratulations to the compiler of the picture round.  Witty and beautifully presented.

Even Kieran liked it:

"Pretty damn good all round (posh paper for the piccies!)"

and no setter can aspire to greater heights than these!!

The Question of the Week

The vote this week goes to Round 4 Question 7:

Name the Shakespeare play indicated.

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