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7th October 2009


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Up and running - SPW, the History Men and the Opsimaths confirm their position in the form

 book whilst TMTCH confound theirs

Results & Match Reports

Opsimaths beat the Prodigals in the first Albert Club derby to be played for a couple of years (The Prodigals have returned to the Club as their home base).  A team of engravers got to work after the final whistle to update the Orkney Dark trophy - the traditional prize for Club derbies.

Snoopy's Friends lost their opener by a gnat's whisker to TMTCH who have already equalled their points tally from last season (and are riding high in 4th place in the table preparing their tactics for the next season's WIST Cup matches).

Ethel Rodin came a resounding second to SPW, the league champs, down in deepest Ladybarn.

History Men just edged a close run thing at the Red against the Electric Pigs.

Quiz Paper Verdict

The Charabancs kicked off the new season with a paper containing themes, pairs and bingo - a pot pourri of all our formats.  Pretty good was the general consensus at the Albert Club though I personally found the Derby-winner themed Round 3 ('A Slightly Devious Round') tough going.  Kieran was full of praise for Round 4 on Shipping areas which announced itself with a particularly nice 'theme giveaway' question.

Ivor writes in from the Red:

"Quiz was very well received here in the Red Lion.  The early lead of the Pigs swung to us in the concealed birds round (despite which both teams agreed it was the 'Round of the week'.  The Derby winners had us (but not the Pigs) stumped until the last question.  I wonder why Grand National winners stick in the mind but Derby winners these days come and go without a trace (to stud presumably)?

Rather embarrassingly we got the child of Mary de Bohun wrong (thought it was Henry IV rather than Henry V).  An interesting fact is that she had her first child at the age of 12 (Henry was 14 at the time) but the child died a few days later, the future Henry V being born about 4 years later.  Such precociousness is not uncommon in the Royals.  Henry VIIís mother Lady Margaret Beaufort was only 13 (and already a widow) when she had him (her only child).  Just as well there was no Sun newspaper or Gordon Brown on a moral crusade to comment!"

So - all in all a good paper with which to kick off the new campaign.

The Question of the Week

This week the Pigs voted the whole of Round 6 ('Even the Boobies can join in this round') as their Round of the week.  Sample question 3 from this round:

Which South African actress received critical acclaim and Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the film Monster?

For the answer to this and all the week's questions click here.


For the quiz-obsessed the monthly Albert Club quizzes are still going strong - every third Sunday and last Monday of the month.  Last time round the History Men ran off with the booty so why not come along and knock them off their perch.  Next Club quiz nights are Sunday October 18th and Monday October 26th.  Both start between 8pm and 8.15pm.

A reminder that if anybody needs an extra player, Dave Call (07946-478646, david.call@hotmail.co.uk) is ready willing and able.  He came along to the Albert Club this week to gauge his skills from the spectators' benches.

Finally good news for the Pigs.  There was a mistake in the Fixtures list (now corrected).  On November 25th they were down to play SPW at home which would have meant they had 3 fixtures against SPW to negotiate this season.  In fact their home fixture on that evening is against Snoopy's.  Mea Culpa.