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28th October 2009


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True to form the History Men, Ethel Rodin and the Opsimaths score comfortable away victories

 - while SPW win at home

Results & Match Reports

SPW inflicted a first defeat of the season on Albert

Prodigals went down at home to the History Men

TMTCH were well beaten by Ethel Rodin at the Parrswood

Electric Pigs were behind from the start against the Opsimaths who managed to top the 50 point mark in only their second match of the season

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week Snoopy's Friends compiled the paper.  The unanimous vote for 'Round of the week' went to Round 5 which would have been really excellent if Snoopy's had remembered to include it.  As it was the Spares stood in pretty well (at the Fletcher Moss we played the spares as a 'Bingo' Round 8 having shuffled the other rounds up to make up for the omission).  Naturally Snoopy's figured prominently in the post-match interviews with their legal connections coming in for plenty of stick ("I sentence you to 8 years to serve at Her Majesty's pleasure - except, of course, for year 5 when you can do what you like").

Actually the Pigs and the Opsimaths thought this a pretty good quiz.  Good tough questions but generally of the straightforward kind.

The rest of you seemed to agree.  Ivor comments from the Albert Club:

"We always expect the unexpected with a Snoopy quiz and this time it was a surprisingly classic-style quiz though moderately difficult (so no surprise there).  Plenty to interest and entertain and an enjoyable evening with the relocated Prodigals.  Not a good night for Tim, our bird expert (nul points on birds) who, despite attending Barnet School which had a crest with 1471 on the exercise books, failed to remember that the Kingmaker had been killed down the road.  To compound his misfortune Tim copped for no less than 5 consecutive unanswerable questions to set a new Historyman champion 'Jonah' score."

....and James chips in from the Parrswood:

"We were all generally positive about the quiz; well balanced pairs throughout."

Finally Kieran sums up:

"What was going on?  A Snoopy's quiz with loads of popular culture, over within the hour and crowd-pleasing.  Just the strangely absent round 5 to provide a hint of Snoopy's traditional obfuscation.  Great stuff!"

The Question of the Week

This week the Opsimaths nominate Round 4 Question 6:

Which US President was the last to have been born in the 19th century?

For the answer to this and all the week's questions click here.


Not much to say this week.  A reminder that we have been invited to enter a team for the coming recordings of BBC4's Only Connect programme (applications to be submitted by November 10th).  If anyone wants to have a bash I'm happy to join in.