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4th November 2009


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Opsimaths beat the Charas in the battle of the runners up - TMTCH forget how to lose gracefully

N.B. Note Snoopy's are changing their name forthwith (see Chatterbox below)

Results & Match Reports

TMTCH don't seem to be able to put a decent losing sequence together these days winning their latest match against the Prodigals

Electric Pigs lost out in the 'Battle of the Moss' to the high-flying Albert outfit

History Men tumbled at home providing Snoopy's Friends with their first points of the campaign

Opsimaths ended their jinx against the Charabancs of Fire with a comfortable home victory

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week SPW compiled the paper.  Themed rounds 1 and 8 sandwiched five paired rounds.  In a homage to last week's Snoopy quiz where the questions for Round 5 were missing, SPW decided to give us a Round 5 with missing answers.  Specifically it contained lists of winners (e.g. Premiership champions) with one member of the list absent to be deduced.  Great fun for the Opsimaths at the Albert Club who seem to have a team replete with list memorisers this year.  This round took quite a while to get through and led to massive bouts of conferring - but it played to what always strikes me as the main delight of our quiz evenings, that is loads of chatting about random topics of interest in congenial company.

For me other favourite questions included the pair about English football managers (incredible to think that it is 10 years since an English-born manager has got his team into the Premiership top 4), and the picture asking for the silhouetted Rolling Stone.  I almost blurted Brian Jones to this but then recognised Ronnie Wood so twigged that it had to be a picture taken after the swimming pool accident.  I also lapped up the Rodgers & Hart and Gershwin lyrics questions being the only person on either side who specialises in what Roisin thinks of as the super-sickly American 20th century songbook.

So, all in all, a pretty good evening's entertainment.  Thanks, SPW.

The Question of the Week

This week the Albert team nominates Round 7 Question 4:

What is unusual about the construction of the US Navy ship New York which visited its namesake city earlier this week?

For the answer to this and all the week's questions click here.

Fr Megson

Diversity Challenge

A Chairde,

Still no sign of Father Megson.  It's like he never existed.  Well, that's the good news over.  The bad news is that I have heard from Tony's solicitors.  Under some obscure by-law from the 1840s we are in breach of internet etiquette if we publish a blank column for more than three weeks running. Unless we can come up with something this week he has threatened to move in and use the empty space to publish an alternative quiz from the Merseyside League of the 1950s which he just happens to have found in the pocket of his best anorak.

Fearing public unrest I have been forced, somewhat against my better judgement, to ask Dusty to do the column.  She has promised to launch a savage polemic against "them hoors in the Griffin" in her best handwriting in the near future but pressure of work means she is unable to do so at present.  "Runnin'  down to the off-licence every mornin' to get something for the team's breakfast and then racin' back home again to fire off letters to the movers and shakers of British Imperialism to get the Birmingham 6 set free has me heart scalded", she writes.  I've tried telling her that the Birmingham 6 were pardoned over ten years ago but she says that people who believe what they read in the English papers are bigger eejits than they look.  Maybe she's right.

That leaves only one other person stupid enough to do the column in return for a bit of publicity.  He is very much a person of his time and is, I suppose, as worthy of your love and respect as Fr Megson ever was.  For reasons that will become quickly apparent he has asked for complete anonymity.  Fair enough.  I hand you over now to a sweaty little git whom we shall call  'Mick from the Griffin'.

"Hiya volks, Nick here......I mean Mick......Hang on a minute, that's a bleedin' Paddy name isn't it. Might have guessed that a liberal bleeding heart website like yours would give me a Paddy name. Still it could be worse, at least English people can spell it...not like bleedin' Keerin or Roosin.  Ethel's OK though.  Quite fancy being called Ethel.  Or Dave.  That's a good old English name. Haven't met Dave yet.  Wot's he like?

"Did any of you catch me on the telly recently?  You know, some people thought I did it just 'cos I'm a geezer with my one eye on the main chance but it was a bit of an effing cock-up actually.  I applied to go on BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT but they put me in the wrong bleedin' studio.  Ended up on some poncey middle class quiz show called QUESTION TIME.  I hate friggin' quiz shows.  Especially ones that don't have Jim Davidson in them.  Right bleedin' waste of time.  Don't get me wrong, I know all sorts of interesting stuff like wot Hitler had a dog called Blondi - but they never even asked me that one.  Ponces!  Still, mustn't grumble.  That nice old geezer, Jack Straw gave me a fiver after the show. He said it made a lovely change for a cabinet minister to be able to sit back and let some other eejit take the flak for a change.  His mate Gordon said there might be a tenner in it for me if I go campaigning with him at the next election.

Have to go now since I've got a hot date with that Bonnie Greer chick.  I knew from her body language that she couldn't wait to get her hands on me after the show.  She mentioned something about a slap up so I'm taking her to an ethnic British curry house in Burnley.  I love Burnley.  It was built  by the Romans over 17,000 years ago and the town centre and football ground still retain much of their ice-age charm.

Keep up the good work volks.  And make sure that the Swan stays effin' white.  No violence, mind.  Know wot I mean?

Your bestest mate, Nick.....I mean Mick....


I have received the following important tidings from Tony (formerly of Snoopy's) following their duck-breaking performance against the History Men:

"At an extraordinary meeting held at the Red Lion, following a most convivial evening (and a supernumerary quiz in which the team, which has changed its name more times than Fr. Megson has been in rehab, participated) it was resolved that henceforth Snoopy’s (which has only played once at its home venue this season and looks like only playing there once more this year) shall be known as 'The Bards of Didsbury'. This was duly noted, approved and signed off by Ivor et al as a jolly good idea.


I have duly changed the website references to Snoopy's.  Let's see if they can continue to live up to their new name.