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18th November 2009


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SPW and the Opsimaths power on towards their December 9th Griffin showdown

Results & Match Reports

Albert lost a close encounter with the resurgent History Men

TMTCH were unable to stop the Opsimaths juggernaut - the Opsies remain unbeaten with the big showdown at the Griffin just around the corner on December 9th

Charabancs of Fire returned to form with a good win over the Prodigals in the newly reopened Swan quizzing lounge - Damian writes:

"It seems the Charas's goal of finishing second from bottom this season has been put on hold with an uncooperative Prods performance.  That's all the thanks we got for barman Sean going to the trouble of re-opening the big front room in their honour.

Resigning ourselves to the idea of a Chara victory throughout the first 3 rounds, the Prods then proceeded to narrow the gap to a mere 7 points by the end of Round 6.  Just as we had recovered our hopes of getting back on target, they pulled the carpet from under us, allowing us to surge ahead into an unassailable lead.  So we've been ordered back into our sackcloth and ashes for another week by a furious Father M and told that each of us must watch back-to-back tapes of the best of Jedward in order to remind us of the perils of misplaced overachievement!"

Bards of Didsbury played only a second home game of the season at their new Metropolitan base against SPW - and came off decidedly the worse

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week the paper was prepared by Ethel Rodin.

Ivor writes in from the Fletcher Moss battle lines:

"Roddy in the QM seat did say it would be a moderately difficult quiz but in the end it didn't prove outrageously so.  Roddy had come to our match because he reckoned it was the one with the most unpredictable outcome.  There were plenty of interesting questions and even the unanswerables could have been got if we'd had a third attempt.  Questions where there are a few possible answers (and where, after much conferring, the Historymen usually plump for the wrong one) always add zest to the quiz mix. 

Perhaps there were more erudite questions than usual - all those 19th century writers and 20th century composers but, fear not, the Historymen will be back with a sprinkling of contemporary trailer trash culture questions in a few weeks’ time.

QotW?  We like novelty so the 'sons' picture round gets our vote.  'Blurt of the week' was not long in coming.  Young David’s “Spain” was out of his mouth faster than the Hungarian Bull’s Blood went into mine as a student.  Edinburgh in the 70s was not a noted centre of excellence for wine (at least in the shops I went to) and at £1.99 a bottle Bull's Blood was just affordable.  And bugger me it is not much more expensive today!"

....and Kieran from the Metropolitan:

"Pretty good quiz and clearly plenty of points on offer.  Everyone happy with the night's entertainment (well we were at any rate).  Only complaint would be the hideously quiz unfriendly (and expensive) venue.  Bards please go wandering again!"

....and Damian from the Swan:

"Reactions to Madame Rodin's questions were universally favourable.  They fulfilled the essential criteria for General Knowledge questions in their broadest form including pretty nearly anything from obscure mediaeval monarchs to the Rubik's cube - with a rather original  piccie round in between.  It made for a most enjoyable evening chez Swan!

My personal nomination for QotW was the question:

Which king, born on Maundy Thursday in Lincolnshire, who set foot in Jerusalem on crusade and died at Westminster, was the first monarch to vary the amount of Maundy money distributed according to his age?

As well as testing my own fancied 'old queen' expertise it tempted our opponents to plump for that old crowned crusader, Richard the Lionheart.  I wonder how many others were led down this particular (false) garden path?  Lovely stuff!"

At the Parrswood, TMTCH and the Opsimaths enjoyed a most convivial evening.  The questions (especially in the first half) were very much to our taste (the Opsimaths lost the toss and went 'second first').

When we got to the pictures in Round 4 everything came to a grinding halt whilst we tried to understand what was required.  We had a false start to the round agreeing with the QM that the full identification of the first picture was not required as long as we got the '...son' of the second picture.  As the round progressed, however, we changed our minds and felt that both pictures had to be identified in full if the points were to be earned.  Once we got into the swing of the round (by about question 4) we found the challenge quite fun.  I am not sure if handed over questions in this round would have been fair since it was pretty likely that the first team would have cracked the bulk of the question in their answer before getting marked down.  Nevertheless (as Ivor and Damian say above) full marks to Ethel for innovation.

The Question of the Week

This week TMTCH nominate Round 7 Question 8:

If Ravi Shastri was the first and Andrew Flintoff the 708th, what is the list?

For the answer to this and all the week's questions click here.


Following on from the email I had last week from Vash Sekar, another potential player (Ashton Davies) has been in touch via the website.  We could well have a new team ready for the off by Christmas.