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2nd December 2009


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"Played 7, won 7" - High Noon at the Griffin next Wednesday when unbeaten SPW meet the

 unbeaten Opsimaths

Results & Match Reports

Opsimaths edged ahead and stayed ahead in a close fought and most enjoyable encounter with the History Men at the Albert Club - Ivor comments:

"Well it would have been bad form for us to win and undermine what could be next week’s game of the season with the two unbeaten teams, the Opsimaths and SPW,  meeting at The Griffin.

We set next week and I note that the Opsimaths beat SPW in Fortress Griffin with our paper three years ago (Opsimaths also won at home last year) so it could be an interesting game.  We shall try to set a test which explores all possible weaknesses - but whether Anne really has a round on knitting or Tim a round on “interesting passerine birds I have seen” you will have to wait and see.  (Ed: Don't forget our agreement about the Round on Everton teams of the last 50 years, Ivor?)

Tonight’s quiz result sounds as if we were hopeless but I don’t think we were that bad - it’s just that after 30 years the Opsimaths' day might at last be dawning."

Bards of Didsbury, perhaps the most unpredictable team this season, proved yet again to be the Charabancs of Fire's nemesis - Damian pours out his heart:

"I'm delighted to report that the Charas's aim of reaching second from bottom this season is well and truly back on track courtesy of the newly (if somewhat pretentiously) renamed Bards of Didsbury.  For 6 rounds, the Bards lulled us into a false sense of insecurity by allowing us to go ahead.  Then, in the final two rounds, they put our minds at rest by pipping us to the post by 5 points!  Well done Bardies!"

SPW scored a goodly victory over TMTCH - Kieran writes:

"For the second week running we scored a very decent total playing three handed.  We were helped hugely by Martin's first straight eight for many a season.  I should point out that The Men were three handed too and we had a great evening.  The only obvious post-decoration change to the Griffin is a TV screen in our quiz room.  This resulted in me spending a fair proportion of the evening at Eastlands where the boys in blue done good."

Albert slipped up at home against third-placed Ethel Rodin - James reports:

"Albert stormed ahead in the first three rounds, but we awoke from our collective 'big sleep' in the Sam Spade round - helped by John's inspired guess with just the 'M' showing.  We then held onto our slim lead right up to the final whistle."

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week the paper was compiled by the Electric Pigs.

Fantastic!!  A model of what a really well crafted WithQuiz-style paper should be.  Plenty of well worked themes which served to enhance the questions (rather than questions which served to live out a theme), a dazzling array of subjects and a few 'penny drop moments' to leave you with lots to talk about at work tomorrow.  Even the Specials round had questions that were interesting and gettable without needing to clock the theme (I'd never heard of the group yet alone knew the names of the members - sorry Gary for indeed it must have been you that set this one).  My applause is shared by every correspondent.  Oh, and by the way the paper scored the second highest average aggregate score of the season so far (77.8).

Kieran sums up:

"Tonight's paper was excellent.  Lots of points, lots of possibilities for twos and Gary Pig kindly QM'd for us so much thanks to him and the rest of his swine herd for an enjoyable evening.  I think we only had six unanswered questions between us.  An aggregate score of 80 when both sides only have three players is an indication of an excellent paper."

James adds:

"The questions were pretty good and we were all positive about the quiz as a whole.  Don't know about QotW, but answer of the week was certainly Mary's inspired 'Snow Patrol' (a mixture of great logic with a bit of parenthood thrown in)."

The Question of the Week

This week the Bards, the History Men and the Opsimaths all went for Round 7 Question 5:

Which comedy duo won seven Oscars between 1943 and 1953?

For the answer to this and all the week's questions click here.


In a fortnight's time we stage the first bout of this year's WIST Champion's Cup matches.  The Stockport league set last year so it's our turn this year.  I have asked the History Men and TMTCH to put their heads together and come up with a paper.  They have both agreed to do this (for which many thanks).  The format will be a mixture of the styles used by the 2 leagues: a round of 30 oral questions and a round of 10 written questions à la Stockport in the first half with  4 Withquiz-style rounds of 8 questions each for the second half.

I mentioned last week that the website had played a part in attracting new members - and new teams - to our league.  I am waiting to hear from recent website 'contacters' Vash Sekar and Ashton Davies as to whether they have been able to form a team or simply wish to be put in touch with an existing team in need of more members.  Well, during the past week I have been contacted by Hamish Michie whose team has competed in a University Challenge - The Professionals series getting to the semi-finals.  They would like to join us.  I have replied encouragingly and I will keep you all posted on progress.  A new team at this stage of the season could play friendlies against the 'sit out' team then join in the cup competition next spring.

One other matter.  A mate gave me the following to answer and I have been unable to crack it (apart from the identities of pictures 2 & 3).  Any thoughts?

Who are these 5 people and who connects them?

1.   2.   3.  4. 5.