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13th January 2010


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SPW and Opsimaths consolidate their lead - Charas, History Men, Ethel and Albert form the

 chasing pack, all on 10 points

Results & Match Reports

Opsimaths and the Electric Pigs were inseparable until round 6 then everything tumbled the Opsimaths' way to give them another good home win

SPW beat the mighty Chunky-conquering Bards of Didsbury down at the Griffin - Kieran writes in:

"Very enjoyable evening, attended by all the Charas and QMd excellently and fairly by Roisin - at least up until her beloved Liverpool were finally outclassed by the juggernaut that is Reading.

Very close up to half time but the second half clearly suited us more. We particularly liked the themed police shows round. Answer of the week, and maybe the season, goes to Martin who, getting no help from the rest of us, identified Lewis Bergerac as the MP for Chesterfield. Surprisingly wrongly."

History Men came out just ahead of Albert at the Red

Ethel Rodin lost at home to TMTCH - Hangman Dave comments:

"In a shock at the Murk The Men They Couldn't Hang went in all level at half time only to find that their hitherto unsuspected knowledge of the Emerald Isle enabled them to bank three consecutive bonuses and never look back.  Five consecutive twos for Thirsty Firth, was a hangmen record.  Surely The Charas wouldn't be setting Hangmen friendly questions just to rob us of our coveted second bottom spot!!

We'd nominate the German/Greek Philosophers football match as the QotW but I can't understand why the manager didn't select Nietsche as his captain - a far more obvious choice than Hegel."

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week the paper was set by the Charabancs of Fire.

Positive comments from the Albert Club, the Griffin and the Red but down at the Stadium of Murk James and Ethel were none too chuffed about the balance.  James comments:

"Question 1 - Were any limbs broken in the process of staggering to and from tonight's venues? As an A&E doctor, I can testify from our current workload that it seems statistically likely!

Question 2 - Did any other team who went 'second first' in tonight's quiz feel that the balance of questions was just a little awry? We have no problems with losing - TMTCH came out with some cracking answers and totally deserved the win.  However, on the sour grapes front, we couldn't help feeling that the whole affair would have been very much closer if the questions had been the other way around.  When neither team gets points for the first of a pair, but the second of the pair (having been well signposted), turns out to be much easier, it can be a little disheartening. I don't want this to seem over critical of the Charabancs, as the point can be made about most setters.  Maybe I'm being unfair, as this has played to our advantage in the past;  I remember a maps round a few weeks ago, where we had discussed and correctly predicted three of our 'second' questions in advance.

So, Question 3 - How to set quizzes that are reasonably fair to both teams?  I'm quite new to all of this, and might be accused of taking things too seriously, but I don't think I'm in an exclusive club of one.  When I set rounds I do my utmost to balance questions fairly.  Often I get what I think is a superb first question, and then can't find a pair for it.  If so the question gets ditched.  Worse still, a themed round where I have three or four really decent questions, but then scrape around and end up padding the round with 4/5 duds.  So, I try and put my rounds together over a long period and test them out on friends and colleagues.  If I can't get 8 pretty good questions, I keep back my good questions for another day.

Next time we set, I'm sorely tempted to submit bingo rounds, so chance might even things out.  And by the way, there won't be any feckin' questions about the Irish!!"

Ivor on the other hand writes:

"So long since we last had a game it felt like going back to school after the summer holidays.  Paper went down very well here but we know what to expect from the Charas and they didnt disappoint with their usual (or rather unusual) Irishiana (is that a word?) and monarchiarchal (possibly not a word) curios."

Chacun son got.

The Question of the Week

Both the Pigs and the Opsimaths had a great deal of fun with the Monty Python Philosophers' football match pair but the Opsimath's favourite moment was hearing Hywell sing the answer to Round 7 Question 6:

Complete this West Ham chant used between 1999 and 2003 whenever they played Merseyside opposition: "We've got Di Canio but you've got......

For the answer to this and all the week's questions click here.

Fr Megson

Dusty's Yuletime Blog

A Chairde,
2009 AD.  Another anus horribilis in the Dusty household.  What with Mr Dusty still being a martyr to his housemaid's knee and them hoors in the Griffin doin' the double it's been one thing after another.  And then to cap it all me sister Imelda made a fcekin eejit of herself on Christmas Eve by attackin' His Holiness The Pope on his own doorstep.  God help poor Imelda.  She lives on the home farm at the top of the Reeks and she's more deluded than the Opsimaths.  Me poor oul father would have sold her to the nuns years ago but he needs her to help him walk the heifers down to the bull.  She's not allowed out to quizzes and her only hobby is rugby tacklin' the rich and the famous.  She got a black eye recently tryin' to bring down Ronan O'Gara in Dublin airport so I suppose she must have thought that an 82 year old Pontiff would be a soft target.  She's an oul eejit and has me heart scalded.

You know, Christmas is not just the day before you queue up to buy a cheap sofa.  Nor is it all about watchin' Rambo on the telly with a magnum of Asti Spumante and an industrial sized jar of pickled onions.  No, it is also, by a happy coincidence, the birthday of the Baby Jesus and a time for forgiveness.  I kicked off by forgivin' Father Megson.  He's not a bad oul sod really and would probably be a saint if it wasn't for the cross dressin' and all his other disgustin' vices.  I told him he can bask in the warm glow of me bosom until the feast of the Epiphany and then the gloves will be off again.  Then me and Mr Dusty polished off another bottle of Merrydown, said a joyful decade and finished off with a prayer for the poor benighted Sassenachs and all our other enemies, too numerous to mention.

As you know there isn't a more Christian woman in the league than me but it fair stuck in me craw havin' to say "and God bless and keep safe them hoors in the Griffin".  Did youse hear, by the way, about poor wee Kieran makin' an eejit of himself on the night before Christmas?   His social worker was tellin' me that he stuck a note up the chimney askin' Santa to make City win a trophy this season.  He got a very curt note thrown back down sayin'  "catch yerself on, wee boy, the name's Santa Claus, not the fcekin Holy Ghost.  I'll bring you a tree house instead".

Most years it's just me and Mr Dusty cosying up for Christmas dinner.  Mr Dusty can be an incurable romantic betimes but mostly he can't be arsed.  The team is nearly sensible enough to go out on their own now so we give them some money and pack them off to stand outside the off-licence on Christmas Eve and we hardly ever see them again until the Epiphany.  This means a lot less cookin' for me.  We don't bother with a turkey - they're fierce ugly  beasts and I'd be awful  frightened to have one of them runnin' round the kitchen gobble-gobblin' at me - so we get a nice bit of Colonel Saunders chicken in instead.  As it's the Baby Jesus's birthday we don't just have it with boiled spuds.  We have two other veg as well.  Last year we had sprouts and baked beans which were finger-lickin' good but not to be recommended if you like a quiet Christmas.

This year was a bit more exotic as Mr Dusty invited Big Dave for dinner.  He's been meanin'  to invite Dave around ever since we saw him win Blankety Blank on the telly.  I wanted to put it off for another year but Mr Dusty said that if we put it off any longer he would have all the money spent and then there wouldn't be any fcekin' point invitin' him.  Then he told me to buy him another pint and fcek off to the shops or we'd never be ready for Christmas.

So I had to leave the Red Lion early to dash home and cook the curried goat and the jerk chicken. Christmas Eve mornin' is never the best time to buy  fresh goat in the village - even The Cheese Helmet was out of it - so I had to make do with a nice scrag end of mutton.  I'm a dab hand at the curry.  The secret of a good curry is to make sure there's no lumps in the Bisto before you add the chillies and the garam masala.  The jerk chicken was more problematic.  The girls in the Co-Op started sniggerin' when I asked them if jerk sauce came in bottles or packets.  Ignorant hoors.  So I went down the road and asked the butcher if he'd ever jerked a chicken.  His face went even pinker than usual and he started mutterin' something about bringin' his chopper with him next time he went to Confession with that big-gobbed Megson fceker.


Now the Carling Cup matches have been delayed until January 19th (City at home) and January 27th (United at home) there has been a suggestion on the message board that we postpone the quiz league matches due to be played on January 27th to the end of the season (as happened to last week's matches).  My feeling is not to do this as we can't be sure that the football will happen anyway and we will end up prolonging the season too far past Easter.  However do please let me know as soon as possible if you think my judgement is flawed (or indeed not).