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27th September 2010


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The fixtures have now been corrected - sorry for the earlier glitches

AND (30/09) a further adjustment has been made that allows the Pigs to play a home game before December 1st


Good news!!  We've got not one, but two new teams joining us this season:

  • Calluna Pussycats will be familiar to a number of you who have taken part in the regular monthly Albert Club quizzes.  They have been competitors every month since these quizzzes started 4 years ago.  Now they have taken the plunge and joined the regular Wednesday-nighters.  They will play their home games at the Albert Club and are captained by Graham Wiggins.

  • Compulsory Meat Raffle may also be familiar since they include some faces who have appeared on various TV quiz shows.  In particular their captain Rachael Neiman was on the Manchester University University Challenge team in the last series and is appearing in this year's Mastermind competition (as is the Opsimaths' Nick Mills).  Compulsory Meat Raffle will play their home matches upstairs in the Fuel cafe on Wilmslow Road in the heart of Withington Village.

Because we have 2 new teams the league season will need to stretch a further 4 weeks so I think it'll be crucial to ensure this season's Val Draper Cup and Plate competitions are short and sweet.  Each week there will be 5 league matches occupying 10 of the teams plus a 'sit out' team and a setting team - except for the last weeks of the two halves of the season when all 12 teams will be playing and Dummy (a guest inquisitor) will set the paper.

The Men They Couldn't Hang (in the shape of Dave Barras) have kindly offered to be the setting team for the first Wednesday which is in a week's time on October 6th.

To get the new teams into the swing of things I have sent them both a set of general guidelines:

  • Each Wednesday the away team in any game is responsible for picking up the question paper.  They are available from the bar of the Red Lion (by the front door where the ceiling is ridiculously low) from 8pm on a Wednesday at the latest (they are often there by 7.30pm if not earlier).  They are in envelopes marked with the title of the match concerned.  Just ask for the “quiz envelope for Team a v Team b”.

  • Each Wednesday the setting team is responsible for leaving the envelopes containing the question papers behind the bar at the Red Lion no later than 8pm.

  • The Home team is responsible for providing a question person to read out the questions and act as overall Umpire.

  • Matches start at around 8.30pm.  If you’re going to be late then let the opposition know (contact details are on the website) – and in the unlikely event that you’re going to scratch from a game then let the opposition know a few days ahead if possible.

  • The 2 team captains toss up before the match to determine which team goes first.  The winner of the toss has the option to choose whether to go first or second.  At half time (after round 4 is complete) the order is reversed so that the team that took the first question in each round in the first half takes the second question in each round in the second half.

  • There are 8 rounds of 8 questions and 4 players per side.  Team members take it in turn to get asked a question (Person 1, Team 1; Person 1 Team 2; Person 2 Team 1, Person 2 Team 2; Person 3 Team 1, Person 3 Team 2 and so on).  A team member gets 2 points for a correct answer on their own.  If they attempt to answer on their own and get it wrong it is offered to the other team (collectively) for a bonus point.  However if the original team member doesn’t know the answer then they may choose to confer with their own team mates and get one point for a correct answer.  If the team don’t know – or get it wrong – then it is offered to the other team for a bonus of one point.  Team members are allowed to indicate non-verbally to their colleague who is being asked the question, whether or not they know the answer to aid the decision as to whether to confer or go for it unconferred.

  • If a team has only managed to field 3 players then the question destined for the fourth player is taken as a conferred question with no opportunity for a 2 point answer

  • Each paper has a few spare questions provided which the Question person may use in extremis as substitutes for any questions/answers they deem to be ‘dodgy’ (I emphasise that use of spares is very rare)

  • At the end of the match the winning team buys a pint (or whatever) for each member of the losing team

  • The captain of the winning team must text or email me (07885-526002 / mikebath@pfsl.org.uk) as soon as possible after the match with the result including the points scored by each team.  Most teams also include a few details about the contest for inclusion in the website Quizbiz page

  • The setting team must email the question paper to me as soon as possible after the matches have started on Wednesday evening

  • Wednesday’s results are usually on the website by breakfast on Thursday and the question paper on the site by lunch on Thursday

If you can think of any other 'starters for 10' then let me know and I'll pass them on via the website.

The WIST Cup competition takes place, as is now the tradition, between the top 4 teams from last season's Stockport and WithQuiz league tables.  This time the combatants are SPW, the Opsimaths, the Historymen and the Charabancs from WithQuiz and Chunky, Tiviot, Traveller's Call and Heaton Mersey RUFC from Stockport - and it's Stockport's turn to set all the WIST Cup papers this year.

The league fixtures are now up on the Fixtures page (thanks again to some wizardry from Roddy) and the contact details for the new teams are on the Team Details page.  Hopefully I've transcribed Roddy's efforts correctly this year (I usually make some mistake somewhere along the line).  Roddy has avoided teams that share the same venue playing at home on the same evening (though in the case of the Albert Club there are 3 home teams so a few evenings with 2 matches at the Club are inevitable).  We've also stuck to the principle that teams should have different setters when they play a return match in the second half of the season.  Observing this has meant that for any one team the spread of home and away fixtures are not necessarily evenly balanced (you may have a lot of home games early in the season followed by a preponderance of away games in the second half or vice versa).  We've also ensured that the 2 new teams don't have to set until the season is well underway and they have a feel for the sort of question papers we like.

I'm sure the addition of 2 new teams will add extra spice to our winter dish after a number of years with no significant change in personnel.

Looking forward to meeting up with you all over the coming weeks......MIKE