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15th December 2010


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WIST Champions CUP Quarter Finals:

SPW & The Historymen progress while The Charas & The Opsimaths crash out

Results & Match Reports

Roddy officiated as the Charabancs of Fire were beaten - but not by too much - in their tie against Chunky (Stockport's equivalent of SPW) at the Stadium of Murk.

History Men gained their admittance to the semis via the back door as The Traveller's Call were forced to pull out through illness and a replay proved too difficult to arrange.

Tiviot were just too strong for The Opsimaths who threw away a number of good chances to get level after falling badly behind on the first round.

In the contest itself HMRUFC were overwhelmed by the SPW - but, as Kieran rhapsodises below, when it came to the hospitality stakes the tables were turned and SPW found themselves on the receiving end big time:

"A most enjoyable evening was rounded off by our hosts providing chip barms and some truly excellent pork pies.  The Rugby Club is a very good venue and reasonably priced Shepherd Neame's ale was available at the bar.  Best of all the quiz was over by 10.00pm, leaving plenty of time to discuss sky blue apache, Judas, and my favourite new celebrity couple, Shane and Liz.  Definitely our favourite Wednesday evening of the season so far.  All quiz nights should be like this (especially the chip barms and pork pie element).

So many thanks to our superb hosts, HMRUFC, and an all round 'well done' to the Stockport league!!"

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week's paper was set by The Stockport League (Mike Wagstaffe of The Alexandra to be exact).

Mike is clearly an ardent student of the WithQuiz themed round style and so the second half of the paper (à la WithQuiz) was a flurry of themes - though this didn't seem to give the WithQuiz visitors at the Tiviot any advantage as the home crew cantered home in style.  Both teams enjoyed the paper - and much the same comments were to be had at the White Swan which I got to just after the match there had finished.  There were a few mutterings from the Opsimaths.........Weren't there too many pop questions (but then I failed to spot the Definitely Maybe answer which I definitely did know)......Wasn't the Portsea Island question uncomfortably close to being a trick question?  No, I quibble - this was a well constructed paper covering plenty of ground.  And, for me at least, the quick fire Stockport style rounds in the first half got things off at just the right pace.  So often we spend 5 minutes getting through Round 1 Question 1 and then wonder if we're ever going to get home before midnight. 

Kieran's view from the Rugby Club:

"Decent enough quiz, though we feared the worst after the first couple of questions offered up island populations and traffic figures from the airport.  Things got much better, however, as the evening bobbed along."

The Question of the Week

This week the consensus at the White Swan was for Round 2 Question 2:

A regular game in the Radio 4 show I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue is Uxbridge English Dictionary, in which panellists suggest humorous new definitions for existing words. For example, 'impeccable' may be re-defined as ‘birdproof’ and 'archery' as ‘lying under oath’.  Which word did Stephen Fry memorably redefine as ‘the killing of Piers Morgan’?

For the answer to this and all the week's questions click here.


As quite often happens I've had some correspondence via the website 'Contact Us' facility.  It's from a chap called Steve Clayton and he would like to join one of our teams.   He introduces himself thus: "I'm an experienced quizzer, age 47, from Manchester".  Anyone wishing to get in touch with Steve let me know and I'll pass on contact details.