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6th April 2011


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After what seems like an age at the top, Opsimaths slip down one place to be overtaken by SPW

Results & Match Reports

Fr Megson is on his annual pilgrimage to Eastern Europe at the moment. He's currently in Romania and is shortly due to arrive in Moldova - so the headline "Meggers in Moldova - Charas rolled over" was all ready to hit the site as the Charabancs of Fire trailed the Compulsory Meat Raffle into Round 8.  Then, with a mini Chara surge behind him, the whole evening was turned on its head by Damian opening his legs and showing his class on the Marion Jones question.  A Chara victory was rescued from the jaws of defeat.

Calluna Pussycats succumbed to the might of SPW In common with many correspondents this season Kieran comments: "The Pussycats are friendly opponents and good hosts and we all hope they come back for a second season in the league next year.  It's worth it guys really - you will start to pick up points and what could possibly be more entertaining than a Wednesday night pub quiz?"

Electric Pigs triumphed over TMTCH in what Andrew described as "a difficult quiz".

Bards managed to squeak home with a narrow victory over the Historymen at the Cricket Club.  Ivor reports in:

"A lovely spring evening at the cricket club.  We played our secret weapon, Rupert, tonight but to no avail as the Bards did the double over us.  Going first we lost too much ground in rounds 2 and 3 to catch up.  The cricket club was heaving with Manchester City supporters but the back room was an oasis of calm and air conditioning.  As always excellent fun with Tony and co. and the added bonus of a quickfire quiz from Southport or Liverpool c2001.  We play the Bards again soon in the first round of the Cup and hope to best them then."

Ethel Rodin slumped to a heavy defeat at home to the highest score of the evening chalked up by the Albert on behalf of whom Mike O'Brien comments:

"A very enjoyable quiz, although we are not quite sure how we ended up with such a large score.  As one of our number (who shall remain anonymous) opined, 'It's always nice to start with oral sex.'".

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week's paper was set by The Prodigals.  Fantastic!!  Round 4 scored a new first for our league - questions on knitting with the actual stitches knitted and provided in the envelope for the match at the Turnpike.  Cheryl very kindly converted the photos that the rest of you had into actual knitted swatches for the Meat Raffle game.  So down at the Turnpike the teams felt and smelt their way through Round 4 - the students being sure that the nutmeg was marijuana.  This was a paper full of inventiveness and diversity.  Plenty of new directions and experiment.  Perhaps the hardest job of the evening was being QM throughout Round 1 when every answer given had to be weighed up and a judgment made as to whether it was near enough the bull's-eye to earn the points.  The complexity and diversity made the evening long but, from my point of view, it was never dull.

Kieran's view from the SPW camp, however:

"OKish paper from the Prodigals but a bit laboured here and there.  Deborah Mitford smacked of just getting a female name in somehow, though Justine Edinburgh was inspired!  That was question of the week for us.  As for insisting that 227 grammes was not  a valid answer in Round 4 - well, sorry, but no.  If a team knows that there are 28.54 grammes in an ounce and can then do the maths they deserve the points which we duly gave them.  Still any paper that starts with an anagram of oral sex is going to get my attention!"

James queried the Stewart Granger answer ("I'm sure Stewart Granger didn't appear in The Ladykillers") and Ivor voted the first Tarzan question the dud question of the week: "Obviously in 1918 a lion could be co-star but whatever happened to the 'no animals were hurt in the making of this film' disclaimer?".

The Question of the Week

As a tribute to Prodigal Cheryl this week's nomination has to go to Round 4 Question 1 (sadly here only in picture form):

  What is this knitting stitch?

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