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18th January 2012


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Yet again the leading three teams win to leave the top of the table unchanged

Results & Match Reports

Opsimaths just overcame Ethel Rodin by one point in a nail-biting late finish at the Albert Club.

Bards enjoyed a comfortable victory over the Compulsory Meat Raffle.  But as Tony reports:

The students were fielding a couple of new players and so, as the score suggests, it was a bit of a one-sided affair, if only because it suited old codgers - at least those over 40.

Historymen notched up a grand total in defeating the Prodigals.  Ivor's match report:

Despite a wobble with two consecutive blurts (Cavendish for oxygen and E Nesbit for The Secret Garden) we managed to rustle up a decent score even though we got 8 of the 11 unanswerables (it was the 15 steals to 3 that gained us such a handsome margin).  Our first victory since November!!

The Charabancs wrapped up a goodly home victory at the Turnpike against The Men They Couldn't Hang.  Damian reports from the front line:

A most enjoyable evening was spent in the company of Dave, Graham and co. down at chez Turnpike.  The Charas managed to resume their pre-Christmas revival following the temporary blip suffered last week at the hands of last season's quiz champions.  No doubt our recent progress has been aided by the New Year pact solemnly entered into by the whole team that one of us would refrain from alcohol each week to ensure that someone stayed clear-headed to the bitter end.  By a unanimous vote, it was decided that John would be the Chara to do this each week.  Gee thanks John!  It's a far, far, better thing I do (or rather you do) blah blah etc. etc.!

Highlight of the evening was Hangman Dave almost going for a 2 on the identity of the lady who rode around Coventry flashing her bits back in the good old 10th century.  Had he not been dissuaded in time by his concerned team mates, a whole new meaning would have been given to the term  'Offa's Dyke'  as well as providing the undoubted Answer of the Evening!

Albert found the Smoke Fairies too hot to handle at the Fletcher Moss.  Kieran reports in his usual vivid and OTT manner on both the contest and the quality of the paper:

After the worst opening round in quiz league history things picked up and a thoroughly decent contest followed - all the way to the awful final question which I had the great fortune to completely fail to answer or indeed be interested in.

Round 1 was too hard and too narrow.  Barry, our military historian in the Barbour jacket, got the bittern question.  We always turn to Barry when the question involves birds or WWII operations and he always delivers.  He didn't have a clue about this one.  No more needs to be said.

The very respectable aggregate of 67 was made up of 4 points from round 1 and 63 from the rest of the paper.  Not many 2s were scored which suggests that it was a paper full of interest with answers capable of being worked out by team effort but not many easy giveaways - all of which is good.  There was plenty of unnecessary information (OS references) but sometimes the superfluous stuff was worth it just for the enjoyment (The Dandy Warhols rant against right wing casts of mind being a case in point).

As always a very enjoyable evening in the company of the Albert, during which we discovered that Evelyn has serious cocktail and gambling habits, though her advocacy of the Woo-Woo (vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry juice) failed to win us over.

The evening ended with a visit from Councillor Simcock, who was generally praised for his team's efforts and had no compunction in blaming Gary for the first round!  We drank the excellent guest beer (Winter Hog) and munched on really good crisps - the Fletcher Moss is still a proper pub.  Both teams selected post quiz reading from the window sill library.  The Albert picked Gore Vidal and the Smoke Fairies Katie Price.  Tells you all you need to know really.  Ms Price's prose was surprisingly coy though she went into some detail about the uses of peanut butter sandwiches during what is known in certain circles as Ugandan activities.  An eye opener for the Fairies I can tell you!

Happy with the evening - and the result - but I fear I'm going to dream about the Rev. Awdry and bloody stream trains - someone is going to get the backlash from that at work tomorrow.

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week the paper was set by The Electric Pigs.  Most weeks the setters send me the paper electronically late on Wednesday night, or early Thursday morning.  Occasionally the paper never arrives by email and I have to do an OCR job on the paper copy I take home from the actual match.  Tonight the paper arrived electronically round about teatime giving me plenty of time to read and memorise the answers - but of course I didn't.  Thanks, Guy.

Well, what a paper!!  I don't know about you but at the Club we were busy right up to 11pm trying to disinter themes, arguing as to why the well known Glenridding terrier wasn't the answer in Round 4 and trying to work out why an American film star would want to be called Debra Whinger (thanks, Jitka!).  It was hard work.  It wasn't low scoring (13 unanswerables for our match which wasn't excessive - though Roddy claims they broke 8-5 to Ethel leaving them at a considerable disadvantage in a match decided on just a single point).

This was real hard brainwork rewarded by some joyous penny drops on the themes and the garnering of quite a lot of fresh information.

Ivor comments from the Red:

Opinion on the quiz was mixed.  We didn't spot the Coventry theme (although the Prodigals did).  Who would have thought there were 8 Coventry general knowledge questions possible?  As Anne-Marie pointed out this quiz was a bit of a boys’ quiz with questions on railways and ball sports (but we’re all in favour of that).  I must say the pairs were very good - from the political figures to ducal piles though I betrayed my sheltered life by not knowing casino French.

Finally Tony's verdict from the Cricket Club was:

A very well crafted paper with some cunningly concealed, and entertaining, themes.

The Question of the Week

This week Opsimath Howell and Bards, Eric and Sarah, vote for Round 8 Question 2:

Which northwest football ground has been referred to as the Grand Old Lady and features the Gwladys Street end?

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