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8th February 2012


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Drama up and down Didsbury as the top two teams flounder - the Bards lose to the Charas and the Fairies to the Opsimaths; and next week the Fairies play the Bards at Fortress Griffin!!

Results & Match Reports

Albert lost to TMTCH.  A delighted Graham purrs.....

The Hangers achieved their second victory of the season in a good natured quiz at the Fletcher Moss.  Once again the Men went into a half-time lead.  Nerve ends were fraying when Albert came back to lead 21-20 after the 'dreaded Round 6' (as Dave put it).  However, the nervousness was unfounded as the Hangers cruised to victory.  It just goes to show that Saturday afternoons watching the 'buffoon McCririck' on Channel 4 Racing didn't go entirely to waste with my knowledge of tic-tac and betting slang for the odds (never made me any money though).

The Historymen stormed home against the Electric Pigs.  Ivor reports:

I was in the QM seat tonight and so was in the happy position of knowing all the answers even before the questions were finished which would not have been the case if I had been in my usual seat.  I predicted that it would be a quiz with a combined score of under 60 at the outset and was not wrong (unlike the answers of many of the participants).  The Historymen had a very bad start.  After 2 rounds they had a single point and only reached double figures halfway through round 5.  Then (in the words of Paxman) they woke up (in Peter’s case literally) to storm ahead.

The Opsimaths played right into the Bards' hands by beating the Smoke Fairies at the Club.  On, what was almost the anniversary of the famous Tooting Bec answer that presaged the Fairies demise in last year's competition, Opsimath Hilary (subbing for Nick) with the Irish Potato Famine and an inspired Howell (has anyone else heard of Peter Fox the Stoke goalie?) just edged the Fairies into runners up slot in the last round after they'd been ahead in all the previous rounds.

The Bards came to the end of an awesome run of success losing at home to the soaraway Charabancs.  This opens up the competition with a real chance that the Fairies - or even the Opsimaths or Charas might catch them over the coming weeks.  Damian tells us what happened:

The Charas maintained a narrow lead until Round 7.  So it was all to play for in Round 8 and just on cue Lady Fortune swung back in our favour to give us a narrow 3-point victory.  It's testament to the high standard the Bards have been setting that their score of 32 was actually the lowest they had scored so far this season.

..and what says the defeated Superbard?

I daresay Damian has been in touch - no doubt he is still pinching himself and having a snifter of Megson's Communion Wine.  Gerry did mutter something about Drambuie and Lucozade, so maybe I have let the cat out of the bag.  In the quiz, like the Historymen, we had a disastrous start giving away a 12 point lead.  We gradually clawed it back, going into the last round just ahead.  Then we blew a gasket.  This may not be unrelated to muttering about there being too many bloody terriers.  Certainly we were put off answering 'fibula' for the Latin and Greek brooch question because Steve got lost trying to work out what perineal meant.  When it came to my (last) question, Yorktown popped into my head and I saw the chance of glory - especially as Roisin was beginning to panic that all would turn on her last question - and I forgot all about the Boston Tea Party.  It felt like I'd been bitten by a pack of Jack Russells - well not quite.  After all, as Graham says: "It's only a quiz."  BTW every time somebody says we can't be beaten we prove them wrong.  Maybe this week's comments will provide us with the incentive to have a real pop at the Smoke Fairies.

Compulsory Meat Raffle's number just didn't come up against the Prodigals at "what is fast becoming the league's favourite venue, The Turnpike" (according to Anne-Marie).

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week the paper was set by Ethel Rodin.  An excellent effort delivered in the Albert Club by the product of Ethel's youth policy, James.  Great themes and a general tip-of-the-tonguery that made for a most enjoyable evening.  Howell tells me that there are quite a few more types of terrier on the Wikipedia page that lists such matters so we should be alright for a few more rounds on this theme over the coming weeks.  Perhaps setters (ho! ho!) should just state up front which round is the terrier round.  Favourite moment of the evening (apart, of course, from the declaration of the final score) was the Fairies suggestion in Round 2 that "A large potato yellow within and without, and used for feeding livestock" might have been Eric Pickles.

Ethel get plaudits from Gary Pig as well.  His reasoning relates to the QotW (see below)......Connections get the grey matter working, when for a straight up and down, common or garden question, if you don't know the answer that's it.

Ivor's assessment from the Red:

Roddy and his setting colleague were in attendance and although the quiz was hard there were lots of interesting teasers (though we hope we have now exhausted all possible questions about Warlock/Heseltine).   There was an awful lot of cogitation and, as our QM is too gentlemanly to hurry people, we had a late finish.

Wrong answer of the evening?  The Historymen’s combined reply to the 1900 music hall song question (when body parts were still thought to be the theme).......Fanny By Gaslight.

.......and Anne-Marie's verdict?

A thoroughly enjoyable evening.  A great quiz with lots of twists and turns and some very clever trickery.  Really loved the tic-tac round.  The delight on Danny’s face when he discovered the theme on question 7 - and then the pain etched on his face when wracking his brain to work out the names of the odds.  Danny – Dad would have been very proud of your betting knowledge!

Hangman Dave loved the paper - but:

May I just add that while it was a hugely enjoyable evening I was personally disappointed to discover that Megson of the Maquis was not a revered Resistance leader, and The Briton's Protection is not a variety of potato.

Damian gives the Charas take on the paper:

Plenty of themes on offer which we mostly managed to work out although some of them were cleverly disguised, a bit too heavily for our comfort.  Mention of dreadnoughts soon sent QM Eric off into another spate of wartime reveries. Did any man ever enjoy a war as much as Eric?  Not content with that he informed us that he was the only man to ride a horse from one end of the Falkland Islands to the other without even bothering to stop in Port Stanley!  It's no bloody wonder the Argies were provoked into invading!!

The Question of the Week

This week by popular acclaim the vote goes to Round 5 Question 2:

What links the plant Anagallis Arvensis with the combined names of the 2006 and 1969 Derby winners?

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Eric's been at it again recording the visitors.  This week the Charabancs of Fire....