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12th September 2012


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New League starts Wednesday October 3rd with pre-season friendly September 26th

The fixtures are now up on the site with the first matches due to take place on the first Wednesday of October.  The headlines:

  • Same number of teams (11), same names, same home venues

  • Smoke Fairies set the questions for week 1 (something to do with Borussia Dortmund)

  • WIST Champions League matches November 14th and February 20th

  • Pre-season Friendly against the Stockport League at the Albert Club 8.30pm on Wednesday September 26th; it'll be 6-a-side with a mixture of Stockport and WithQuiz formats (as usual) and we'll attempt to give everyone who turns up a game by substituting at half time

As usual Roddy has kindly worked out the fixture list.  He has tried (and succeeded as far as I can see) in ensuring:

  • you don't get the same setters in the second half of the season as you get in the first half for the equivalent fixture

  • teams sharing the same home venue do not both play at home on the same Wednesday

  • teams have a relatively even number of home and away matches in the two halves to the season (e.g. not all away before Christmas and all home after Christmas)

We may be seeing even less of the familiar face of one of the Prodigals live, but an awful lot more recorded, since the person concerned is now an Egghead.  As from September 26th the Eggheads panel will look an great deal more interesting with - dare I say it - a heap load more personality on display.  You might like to know as well that the Eggheads standard swotting up fare between outings is the WithQuiz website.  We are the 'must go to' website for the serious quizzing community I'm told.

And whilst I'm on about Eggheads I've received this from their production team:

"My name is Janette Hodds and I am a Researcher on the BBC television show Eggheads for 12 Yard Productions.

I am writing to see if you or any of your members might be interested in filling out an application form to be potential contestants on the next series of Eggheads.

Eggheads is a game in which 5 members of the public face general knowledge goliaths and try to beat them for a cash prize.

Each team consists of 5 team members and 1 standby, so we need teams of at least 6 people. We are holding nationwide auditions over the coming weeks and months. We are keen to find teams from all over the UK.

We are on the look out for intelligent, competitive and charismatic personalities who would like to take part in the programme. Any help you can provide us in spreading the word about our search for potential contestants would be very much appreciated.

I was wondering if I could send you a flyer with more details which you may then be able to share with your members, friends, family?

Thank you for all your help.  Kind regards, The Eggheads Production Team"

If anyone in WithQuiz wants to put together a team let me know and I'll help out.

Finally let me put in the usual plug for the Albert Club monthly quiz nights.  They run every every third Sunday and final Monday of the month.  It'd be great to have a few more teams taking part.  There's one this Sunday (16th) and a Monday quiz on September 24th.  Both start at 8.30pm.