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21st November 2012


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Wins for the Prodigals, Bards, Fairies, History Men and - in an upset to the form book - TMTCH

Results & Match Reports

The Men They Couldn't Hang pipped The Charabancs of Fire at the Parrswood.  Damian reports:

"As Dave 'Little Peterkin' Barras remarked when asked about the significance of his 3 man team's victory tonight:

'Why that I cannot tell, but 't' was a famous victory.'

In a low-scoring affair at the Parrswood, Dave and his 3 man team did indeed do themselves proud against a full team of Charas raring to go, and with the confidence that comes from being almost unbeaten this season.  At the start, we were in good form, immediately seizing the lead and holding on to it for THREE whole rounds.  Thereafter, the Hangmen wrested it from us and firmly held on for the rest of the evening.  A surge from the Charas in the very last round was not sufficient to turn the tide.  The Hangmen scored a well-deserved victory. So much for our confidence!"

Compulsory Meat Raffle lost to The Prodigals.  Nice to hear from Prodigal Mark...

"It says something about this league that tonight there was an Egghead, a Mastermind round winner, and three current University Challenge contestants in one match.  Danny, Cheryl and I were not completely overawed, but we know our place.  An enjoyable quiz from the Pigs, but playing the Meat Raffle highlighted to us the age bias - quite a few questions related to the 60s and 70s. That was the  reason why we won.  Perhaps as a league we need to think about succession planning." 

Ethel Rodin entertained I Blame Smoke Fairies at the Cricket Club sending them away with all the points.  An absent Kieran (like me at the Etihad) gathers the thoughts of his colleagues:

"Last season, as City and United exited the Champions League on the same night, Barry and Martin took on Ethel in the Griffin and emerged with the spoils. Last night, as City did what they do best, Bob bolstered the Fairies for another famous victory at the Cricket Club.  Ethel must hate European nights.  At the Etihad, Ronaldo showed off his entire repertoire: the pout; the teapot; the head in hands in disbelief; the 'I'm going to cry in a minute' and his famed cover of 'I can't stand up for falling down'.  Mostly he was crap, a s*** Lionel Messi if you will.  Meanwhile at the cricket club the Fairies were always in control and Barry delivered a perfect four twos in the second half to secure the win."

A depleted Opsimaths failed at home to the Bards.  Brian witnessed it all....

"Due to European commitments, both sides fielded ‘weakened’ teams.  Given that the 2013 Legal Aid reforms have not yet kicked in, Tony  was still able to find a top-class legal eagle as super-sub and also lend us Dom as an excellent QM.  Played in the new ‘Stadium of Murk’ that is the Albert Club snooker room, the  nap of the green baize was always against us.  With 20/20 hindsight, we should have gone second first - we seemed to know the answers to their questions, but not our own!  We did win three rounds, but not by enough points to staunch the tide. Still, it was a convivial evening, and we look forward to beating Bards on their own turf later in the season."

The History Men narrowly defeated Albert.  Ivor writes in...

"A very close game at the Red Lion and we just get a result thanks to Anne’s performance in her seasonal debut.  Like a thoroughbred racehorse she must be lightly raced and tends to quicken in the final furlongs.  We don’t even have to show her the whip.  She might yet be the difference that elevates us from mid table mediocrity to a live challenge for fourth or fifth place.  Of course it might all go wrong if vodka is declared an illegal substance by the quizzing equivalent of the Jockey Club."

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week the setters were The Electric Pigs.  I was away at the Etihad on European duties and have yet to see the paper, so first shout goes to Ivor:

"Very long evening it must be said and it was not really our kind of quiz.  Questions requiring long multiplication and division (and where you are still hopelessly adrift of the answer to the nearest 10 never mind one place of decimals), and knowledge of firms’ turnovers that would probably not even interest an accountant never mind a quizzer did not add to merriment on this occasion."

At the Parrswood Damian sums up the joint team reaction...

"As reflected in the low scores, tonight's questions did not get a very favourable reaction from either team. Too many difficult, lengthy, obscure and frankly rather boring questions was the consensus.  A picture of the late, great Les Dawson looking down on the proceedings, raising his eyebrows and pursing his lips in the way only he could do, seemed to sum up the general mood.  One of the Hangmen even disappeared for a while and no-one was quite sure if he would return.  However, unlike Captain Oates of the Scott expedition, he did eventually make his re-appearance.

There were no actual suggestions for QotW (although I personally would have voted for Round 1, Q6: Of which incident in 2010, did Jon Stewart say, 'You actually see the moment when a man's political career leaves his body').  However plenty of suggestions for SQotW I'm afraid, and not necessarily the one whose answer was Scatology."

The Question of the Week

A number of you vote this week (predictably) for Round 4 Question 7:

Which of Chaucerís Canterbury Tales features adulterous fornication between Alison and Nicholas, the kissing of Alisonís backside by Absalom, farting in Absalomís face by Nicholas, the burning of Nicholasís backside in retaliation and a chaotic denouement caused by an imagined second great flood?

For the answer to this and all the week's questions click here.


Did you see Rachael on Mastermind last Friday?  Fantastic!!  She totally pulverised the opposition with a towering 33 points.  Her specialist subject?  John Peel's Festive Fifty.  No, neither have I.