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12th December 2012


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CMR wreak havoc with their paper as The Fairies, Opsimaths and Charas all fall - whilst the Bards just cling on for a tie

Results & Match Reports

The History Men beat The Electric Pigs - though not without a wobble or two along the way.  Ivor reports:

"Our matches with the Pigs are always close and when they started with only three players we thought we might have a comfortable evening.  Far from it.  After three rounds the Pigs were 6 points ahead.  Fortunately, despite the arrival of Paul, we managed to rally in the second half."

Albert upset the form book by beating I Blame Smoke Fairies at the Fletcher Moss.  Ashton from Albert tells the tale....

"A surprise 33-27 win over the Fairies at the Fletcher Moss.  In fairness this owed much to the fact that our opponents played two short - and that the Hanukkah round could not have been better timed for our Jewish ringer playing in place of the holidaying Mike."

The Men They Couldn't Hang fought The Bards to a standstill with the match ending up a tie.  Tony was away in Prague on grandson duties so missed the excitement (note the open window in the latest picture from Prague to cross our newsdesk).

The Prodigals were far too good for a dismal bunch of Opsimaths.  Egghead & Head Egg (Dave & Anne-Marie of course) just reeled out those popular culture answers leaving the old men reeling.  So the fabled Orkney Dark trophy, awarded to the winner of the latest Albert Club derby, has another "Prodigals" on it.  It was a most amicable encounter with loads of laughter - in stark contrast to the same encounter a year ago when the position of Sri Lanka between the southern tip of India and Malaysia almost caused a riot.  Indeed amity was so rife at the end that a pair of Glennon sisters were seen chatting up young Howell until Ryan called last orders and broke up the assembly.

The Charabancs of Fire lost out to Ethel Rodin (now I could have lost a lot of money betting on Ethel to bomb on such a popular culture-fest).  Damian sees it thus:

"In a seasonally laid-back pre-Christmas atmosphere at the Turnpike, the Charas couldn't manage to finish the first half of the season with a win.  Ethel's a team that has often given us much trouble.  Full marks to them.  Highlight of the evening for us was Chara John getting into the festive atmosphere by actually drinking some beer, something he hasn't done since Sean last pulled a decent pint of beer at the dear old, late lamented White Swan and by 'eck, that's going back a few good years!"

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week the setters were The Compulsory Meat Raffle.  Well the average aggregate was pretty low (the second lowest this season so far).  The hopeless 19 points scored by the Opsimaths played a part here (we had a massive 26 unanswered questions in our quiz).  There was plenty about Christmas as might have been expected - but to me the dominant theme was pop music - and not pop music I'd ever heard of.  Fair enough!.  Every other Wednesday Rachael and her mates have to cope with stuff dating form decades before they were born.  It's just that I'm beginning to think that descriptions like 'critically acclaimed' and 'legendary' are just another way of saying 'obscure' and 'almost completely unknown'.  Bah! Humbug!

What did the rest of you think?  Let's hear from Damian first...

"A mix of youth-oriented and general knowledge.  Given that 'youth' has not been exactly our strong point since Adam was a chatting up that vixen, Eve, we predictably did better in the later rounds - but not enough to  close the gap on our obviously more youthful and youth-oriented opponents.  What spring chickens that Roddy and his gang proved to be!  In the Hanukkah-themed Round 4, we kept answering "Passover" - and sure enough that was what kept happening to the question.  Oh well!  Happy Hanukkah one and all"

and Ivor's verdict....

"Moderately hard quiz tonight.  Needless to say any pop question after 1990 is a bit of a challenge but we even failed on 1950s pop.  The History Men did not even spot the 1990s Children's Television theme round (though the younger Pigs did) which presumably was childhood TV for the CMR.  I suppose it makes up for our questions on 1960s game shows a few weeks ago.  The Christmas questions were expected (though still fairly novel) but the Feast of Lights certainly wasn't.  As Gary pointed out, there is always a risk that 8 questions on a specific subject be it Xmas pop or religious festivals risks skewing the balance if only one team knows about the subject (though in this match we were both totally ignorant on either subject).  I suspect had we been asked questions on the 39 Articles of Faith of the Church of England we would have fared even worse.  Anyway why am I complaining?  We won.  The gracious losers had to leave without the traditional drink, and we had our usual fun mulling over a splendid collection of teasers.  Best wishes to all our quiz friends (that's all of you really) wishing you Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukah or Happy Winterval and looking forward to clashing horns in 2013."

and finally from tying Dave at the Parrswood....

"Reaction was mixed.  The Twelve Days of Christmas Round was a good idea but the variation in difficulty between the questions gave TMTCH a distinct advantage (as luck would have it) - and 8 questions on any religion is 6 too many in my book."

The Question of the Week

This week Anne-Marie votes for Round 3 Question 4:

In the fantastic (and surprisingly faithful to the novel) Muppet re-telling of A Christmas Carol which Muppet played the role of the great Charles Dickens himself?

For the answer to this and all the week's questions click here


Yet another invitation to apply to be a contestant on a quiz show (this time from Thames - Scotland- urrh??).  The show is called 1001 Things You Should Know and it's to be aired on Channel 4. The application details are shown below...

And so as we break for a fortnight to allow time for Tony to recover after his experiences in Prague, and the rest of us to recover from a pretty good first half of the season (IMHO), it's a very Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year to all the site's readers and contributors from all at the website editorial office (i.e. me).